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What Celebrity Voice Actor Would Make a Good Character?


Someone who does’t require everyone to cough up 15 buckaooneys for there character unless it’s a female in a thong,then you just might be worth it after all…(Now don’t get offended others have ask for this to)…

(HayMaker304) #62

He has to look like the punisher tho. Black armor and skull and all.

Honestly. I think guest characters would be freaking awesome. I mean we all have seen the MasterChief skins. Why couldn’t Microsoft get license for Frank Castle?

Ohhh and Cue the guys who say - “he has no place in gears lore and story” well neither did the epic reaper or some of the other skins like your black steel ultra secret stalker masterace killer kantus


Or Killer Mike and El-P lol

(GB6 Kazuya) #64



“close your eyes and count to ****”

(GB6 Kazuya) #66

I’m dying inside.

(S T Y R A N K l) #67

Jason Statham :stuck_out_tongue:

(HayMaker304) #68

They should make a punisher pack lol other than they would change 49.99 for it.

(mizzelphug) #69

Disney® owns Marvel now and Disney® is going to want Disney® Pricing for Disney® character licensing.

So your Di$ney’s® Marvel’s Frank Castle likeness is going to run about $475.48 for the initial license with a per-use fee of $2.95 each match.

(Embry Starred) #70

Thought of another great one jeremy irons

(GB6 Kazuya) #71

Exactly who I posted about on this thread :+1: