What Celebrity Voice Actor Would Make a Good Character?

So this is pretty straight-forward guys, what celebrity would make an excellent voice actor for a character in this series? Now, preferably I’d like to stay away from the A-List actors that would be just unrealistic. Personally, I could see Jon Bernthal or Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan-like personality) as characters will hilariously badass lines. Both have voice-acting credits already and honestly I believe either would make for more fan-favorite characters.

What are everyone else’s suggestions?

Sure he’s A-list, but I think Liam Neeson would be awesome.


alex jones


Brian Blessed. He’s got some gravitas in his voice. Possibly too British though. And doesn’t suit the mood of the game. I’d love for my life to be narrated by him though. What were we talking about again?


Well, if we’re going British, then Steven Fry gets my vote!
Or John Cleese

Andre Matos.

Joe Rogan


Turn the freaking frogs gay!!!


Hell no.

Mike Goldberg would be superb

Nope. Joe Rogan

…And Joey CoCo Diaz

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Simon Templeman.

damn those chemicals

I would probably ditch Gears if they had Rogan play a significant part. lol
Possibly the worst stand-up act I’ve ever seen and his podcast, outside of interesting guests, is some of the most obnoxious pseudo intellectual bro-drivel I’ve heard. The worst is when he steps outside his lane and tries to get into subjects like boxing (he once said Rhonda Rousey could hang with Mayweather).
Anyway, apologies for the rant…

In terms of voice talent, I like animated/game characters to be unfamiliar because I find it distracting when I recognize a voice from another show/game. Game characters don’t visibly emote to the level of real actors so the voice carries a lot of weight. I don’t care for having celebrity voices in games.


Did anyone ever find it weird that the characters still “talk” even away from a cut scene? Like their characters mouth is still moving?

i find it more odd that when a character is “yelling” they’re mouth doesnt move like it’s yelling and instead moves like they’re mumbling


How dare you sir! Joe Rogan is one of the greatest people alive today!!

Lol i’m kidding. But I honestly like his down to earth approach to complex subjects on his podcast (which i’m listening to as I type this) and I find his stand-up to be pretty funny. He was also killer on NewsRadio.
Now would he be a good voice-over actor? That remains to be seen

It’s like americanized anime!

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Yea, I probably went in too heavy on that one. lol.
Speaking of Rogan though, two people who were on his show that I think would make interesting voice actors;
-Jake “The Snake” Roberts (WWE legend)
-Tyson Fury (British Heavyweight Boxer)

Nah man you’re good bro! I’m just a die-hard Rogan fan!

…except when he has MMA and WWE guests. Just not much of a sports person. But I did hear that his Mike Tyson interview was pretty good.

This past week I listened to his interviews with Killer Mike and Nick Dipaolo. Both of which were excellent

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Voiceover Pete.