What causes a Down to happen?

This is not a joke or troll post. I am being serious. I used to think that it was damage, however it’s possible to do a huge percentage of damage to an enemy without them becoming Downed. So what causes a Down to happen? Is it a coin flip? RNG (random number generator)?

In chunk range = death

Out of chunk range/small arms fire = down


Which weapon & which mode? With stuff like rifles & pistols that usually don’t gib at all, you can straight up kill someone if they’ve already been downed two or three times.
If we’re talking shotguns, then it’s what Xarex said. Probably just not in gib range.

Or if we’re talking about headshotting with rifles in Arcade, the weapon tuning is just different in that mode. You can Lancer someone in the head & they’ll just get domed instead of going down.
There’s also a passive ability for Speaker, Marcus, Sid and a few others where they can regain health for dealing damage. So, they’ll kill you & it’ll say “you did 130% in 7 hits” or something like that.

Idk what exactly you mean tbh, but I hope one of those answers helped lol.

Sorry about that. I meant with the Gnasher. I think I’m getting how it works now. Thanks guys!

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