What can we learn from Halo Infinite MP?

I’ve been playing Halo Infinite MP since launch. Damn, what a blast it was in the first couple of weeks. I loved it so much that I literally didn’t touch any other game. Then the patching started and the so-called improvements killed it for me. The connection/desync/whatever you wanna call it issues became so bad that ranked became pretty much unplayable after the rank reset. Maybe it is because of my location compared to the server locations, as pretty much all UK players seem to be a second ahead of me or I just unlearned how to play the game. It’s just frustrating and not a consistent experience any more. Similar issues existed in Gears since the beginning, but not to that extent. Some games were ■■■■, some were ok. It seemed like the quality of the games were somewhat balanced or it wasn’t as apparent as Gears was always about the Gnasher and hitting that “Gib Shot”.
So, with all the euphoria gone I jumped back to the only constant in my game library: Gears of War. I pretty much abandoned it after they got rid of the ranks, because I wasn’t really excited with the grind ahead that once was about performing and winning games.
Boy, did I forget how fun and almost “perfect” Gears 5 was or more or less is compared to Halo Infinite. TC, if you read this, please don’t change little to nothing for Gears 6. Bring back Bronze to Master and keep devoting yourself to designed detailed character skins that are worth the grind or money. I really fear that they try to “take it to the next level” as 343i intended to, but miserably failed in the end.

What are.your thoughts? Did anybody have a similar experience with Halo or am I just imagining things?

We learned that Halo should’ve been delayed another year. Its a joke that a Halo title launched without co-op or Forge mode.


Grappling hooks

Bronze-Master is unbelievably boring.

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Not even a replayable chapters function. Smh.

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