What button do you push for perk choices?(I think it messed now)

Before the lastest update i would push the R(button down)before a horde wave to bring up perk options but now it change to the B button(so when i push the b button the char does a knife swing while i’m chosing a perk and it looks dumb and if i want to level up a perk more then one i have to push the b button again,hence another knife attack.i checked my controller setting and they are completely the same as before the update.


Yea sure like he would ever have time to worry about this.but i figure i’ll post it anyway,you never know he might see it.might be a problem that may someday get addressed.:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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I’ve had the wrong button prompts show up for me all the time. One min my ult says I need you push RS, next it’s Y, then it goes back to RB+B (I’m running Classic alt with LB and B remapped to B and LB) I did change the RS and LS around but everytime I played the Emote menu would keep opening.

But back on track, yes I had the same thing. Used to press RS but now its B. One good thing out of this is that everytime I go into cover now the perk menu doesn’t show up (it drove me crazy playing horde and before the wave started everytime I went into cover the menu would pop up.)