What business does a player from Seattle have doing on a server in Mexico?

On a daily I have fun at this game and on a daily I find myself completely agitated at the creators of this game. The inconsistencies in this game are atrocious. In my opinion ya’ll making this game need to either focus better at your math skills or just stop allowing people play on servers mire than 1500 miles away from them. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I have countless amout of footage showing the horrible things that are allowed in game play. If some one is speaking Spanish you can guarantee that if the server is where they are sitting they can shoot curved bullet streams from their rifles. Shot gun blasts are able to come out at a 45 degree angel literally every point blank kill is in the form of back packing. You’ll see crab walking. Snipers can shoot where you were previously stand over 2 seconds in the past and kill you. How is a person supposed to evade bullet fire if where a person is aiming is anything but certain. This has always been an issue with gears yet all we see with every new release is improved graphics and neglected mechanics. Never improved upon. Any one who has had a chance to improve upon this game after gears 2 should be greatly ashamed of them selves. This is supposed to some sort of EA professional game but it’s just a joke. It’s literally only good for playing for fun to take it seriously is like believing some one who lies to you constantly over a coarse of 10 years you still keep on believing things will be better but they never all. Sure they look better but it functions just the same. It’s like your favorite sports car with the motor of a 2 cycle motor cycle engine in it.


Have you tried changing your console’s language to Spanish?
I believe this would help when connecting to Mexican servers, since Mexico is the only Spanish speaking country in existence.


This reminds me, I must start speaking Spanish when I play GOW and equip those Mexican banners and weapon skins just to annoy people. :wink:

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There aren’t any servers in Mexico.



But I do feel your frustration. All the way from Seattle.

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This is how I feel connecting to players from El Salvador, Venezuela and Columbia… when I’m on the east coast of Canada =/

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Last I heard about 2 years, yes I think this is the case (unless they’ve launched servers in Mexico since then). If I remember correctly the closest server to Mexico is the one that covers the southern part of the US, so the Texas region. The next nearest I think is Brazil. I remember someone on here posting a map which illustrated where the servers were at the time.

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server in Mexico?

no such thing exists

Azure Server Locations

i dont think you realize how far away Brazil is

every single server in the NA region is closer for them

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Lol @SnubbS alt again.


Don’t forget the Pride-bloodspray for maximum trolling.

You’re in for it now, Herr

What? Am I wrong?

I was actually thinking this exact thing just a few minutes ago - trying to work out who GOW fans typically hate the most, and whether the Pride banners or the Mexican flag would annoy the most people! Maybe a combination of the Pride blood splatter, with Mexican weapons and Pride banner? You identify as a helicopter? Well eat my chainsaw!


Like to try Japanese servers, banzai attacks could be fun…

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Just type “Chicharito” in game chat and you’re one of them, just ask @Aloha_its_Kyle

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Not enough people play gears to have dedicated servers in each part of the world.

I’m from the UK and more often than not get paired up with Americans and Mexicans.