What are your thoughts on the gib range?

i feel you but man rememebr the last “comp” tuning 8 shots to down with a gnasher.


This is worse you put in 3 shots for 90% then get gibbed from 10ft

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its a sure shot either way were fuuuuuuuuu.--------

near the top of the list of annoying things in this game. i dont understand how more people dont notice this and/or complain about it. how has TC allowed this?

this specific tuning is maybe #3 or #4 in the “best fitting” gameplay category.


I feel like I get chunked far away through corners on cover. But I feel like up close the gnasher is as inconsistent as ever.


After how long the games been out for to increase the range is ridiculous to good players. I’m pretty sure with the game being crossplay and on the game pass and now on the this accessibility list the increased range is so new players or returning players who aren’t as good can still compete. Lots of bot walking chunks going on even on covers the chunks are insane now


Two shot range is crazy as well

The meta is bait a shot, walk up and shoot. Or play wide since you can’t push

Yea agreed it’s a shame I’d of preferred a tighter aim on the gnasher with a smaller range make people be more precise. That would make players with better movement happier too.

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I disagree but i already made a post above about it. Tighter means more missed shots

More missed shots is ok if the range is decreased though. I get certain shots don’t register but the gnasher feels like the judgement sawn off before the nerf right now. Impossible to miss. So small differences like connection and input lag are deciding battles. All the previous gears games had more shots being missed

Around the time where TC adjusted shots for consistency was the best Gears 5 has ever been you had to be accurate to hit those shots and everyone (on the forums at least) loved it.

Now its just bad

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