What are your thoughts on the gib range?

The gib range still feels too far imo. Sometimes it is difficult to judge the distance. Walking/strafing closes the distance quicker than I expect in certain moments it just feels awkward.

Also why when you up A (in cover) you can hit the spot your taking cover? Just curious if there’s actually a reason for that.

My main gripe is i get 95+% then a mili second later im dead.

At least give us a trade when this bs happens😁


Yes, thats what I loved about gears 3, gnasher fights were fair even if trades were consistent. A lot of times feels like my shots don’t count in gears 5.

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Think it’s good. Better then it has been anyway.

Here you go.

Gears 3 gnasher was broke. The gears 4 comp gnasher was pretty much the improved gears 3 beta gnasher.

This problem has to do alot more with movement speed combined with tight spreads, and a wonky damage curve. Funny how you can two shot miles away but up close in a point blank fight you miss one pellet and it aint a kill.


I am worried if they change the gib range or gnasher again it will result in more 91/97% shots.

They just need to make the game open source tbh, ill do all the play testing and the work for free if they just give me access. Unfortunately Microsoft is extremely helpful and open with their source code. Do you even know how phenomenal of a game this would have been if they did that from the start.

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This is why i believe the pellets should do more damge within a foot and drop off after that distance so if u hit someone withe 90% of the pellets within that distance u get a kill, this would help with the bs of shoot 1st die 1st.


Gears 3 gnasher was perfect
All it needed was active dmg boost removed and boom


Just bring back SOS from gears 3…:grin:

Sawed off after the nerf wasn’t even an issue
Compared to the dam retro


Seriously :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:
That dude hated gears so much

Sawed off took more skill than the Gnasher after the nerf lol

Don’t push it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
The sawed off outgibs the gnasher FYI

I just had my first game back in a little while and its even more apparent how bad everything is, the shotgun and slow movement is designed to break any and all skill gap.


Needs a reduction in range for sure. I explained this a couple times on here. But it’s awful where it’s at and makes for shallow gameplay.


The tuning is one of the worst it has been since release.


Don’t you ever say that…

It’s bc they don’t. The connection are never even. Bott walkers boxing ppl it’s crazy. And they don’t do abutting about it. You get a whole new vs they’d just as bad

Ngl to you Kang, leave it be dawg.

Gnasher is more efficient than itll ever be rn and im used to it.

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Nah bruh that mess cheat