What are your thoughts on Escape Mode?

Having a ball with it. Needs to be fleshed out a bit with characters and tiles, but generally it’s a great concept.

It’s a quick hike when u don’t have a lot of time, then it’s tense as hell when ure trying harder difficulties.

Would love overrun or beast mode as well :slight_smile:


I’ve always been mainly versus but since it’s taking a lot to warm up to gears 5 versus I’ve been having fun with escape. To me it isn’t any more repetitive than versus or horde. Just depends on how you look at it.

I love it because I don’t have the time to commit to 50 waves in horde very often. Playing with ransoms is frustrating. Need to level up my characters more as I find the higher difficulties too hard. Not even tried master yet

It was fun early on but it got monotonous. Whoever thought of reduced ammo in escape and horde, I would like to say thanks for making those game modes unnecessarily annoying.

In custom escape look for ID MSFLYH
I made the map and think it’s a fun hectic map… When first making it I stuffed up the enemy placement and got rushed by 5 wardens in room 1… My weapons? A Lancet and pistol =D

Watching that long af intro every time gets old really fast

It apparently helps to get duplicate character at beginning of Escape.

It might just be elitist attitude, but I’d also prefer to hear opinions from those who have beaten Inconceivable to Master, consistently.

I myself have done The Hive on Master once, and The Mines on Master, five times.

Also maxed out Mac, Keegan and Lahni to Level 18, but only Mac and Keegan have their cards are all maxed out Level 5. I’m currently maxing all Lahni’s cards to Level 5.

These opinions about lack of ammo should be resolved by having a reliable Keegan. And letting Mac take most of Ammo Boxes for Boltok Bloody Shot. Boltok Bandolier helps increase Boltok ammo capacity. So instead of starting with 12, you’d start with 24 bullets at Level 5.

The enemies being tanky. Mac should be the one to double headshot most Drones, Grenadiers, Snipers and Hunters in the face. Perfect active reload. Imago would take one headshot to bleed him out on Inconceivable. So it’s much better to give him Ammo Boxes, than Lahni or Keegan getting Ammo Boxes.

Keegan should have the Explosives. Frags, Boomshot, Torque Bow, Dropshot, Salvo. And let him get Explosive Ammo Box. He should be using Recharge Bounty and mark as many possible. He would be the one to take out multiple enemies at once with explosives, or decimating Boss-like enemies with Shredder. A single Frag tag on Warden on Inconceivable with Level 5 Shredder is enough to bleed him out. Just one Frag.

I haven’t bothered to do The Hunters on Master yet. Seems complicated. But also would take days without a video guide, when I could just max a Hivebuster to Level 5 cards in 3 days from Level 15. It’s that grindy.

When it comes to melee combat, players should be doing the melee combo. Holding B for double slashes, tap B for kick back, then Y for meat shield or B for execution.

And the Bastion for Gauntlet takes 3 Bloody Shots on Inconceivable. Not that hard.

And have to let Lahni do executions from behind on Rejects if possible, because she gets time reduced for Ultimate with Ambush.

The Breaker Mace should be given to Mac because it goes well with his Barrier ability. To push forwards hard. Bonus duration if he kills while Barrier up, that Legendary card.

Even playing Escape, I found it odd to max out Legendary cards to Level 5, before the Epic ones.

How are you maxing your cards? Just doing other hives that you know well with a group?

I play mostly solo. Beating master on Hunters that way as things stand currently, is a challenge to say the least. I haven’t even tried, but did complete an incon with randoms.

Hunters is noticeably more challenging than The Hive was IMO.

BTW your tips are good. Too bad most of the public is completely unaware of them.

Just re-running The Hive with a group that knows what they’re doing.

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There is a certain… well, you could call it a glitch, that exists. You’ll find LFG posts or other people willing to explain it, I’m sure. It’s just a question of if or when it gets fixed by TC. Some people have been making use of it to level their stuff faster.

do you mean we can use it as an exploit to get duplicate characters? or it gives the game time to resolve duplicate characters?

I have been enjoying the escape mode, the only thing I have found on a few occasions is that my score or time has not been saved and put into the leader board. I just did the new challenge with the shires about 5 mins ago and had a great team and we did it in just over 16mins yet it my old time of 27mins is still on the leaderboard. I hope this will get fixed and it has happened a few times now and it’s annoying when you are trying to beat your friends and your time doesn’t go through.

Hmmm, Horde is way too much fun for me. I’ve played only 1 round of Escape.

It’s fine but I’m actually sick of it at this point because I keep getting like “complete 5 past Hives” or “complete 9 chapters of Escape” as my Dailies xD

I do like it , it’s a tad repetitive which to be fair I don’t mind. The only issue I’m finding is there’s always one person in the squad who rushes the ammo rooms and takes all the ammo for themselves and doesn’t contribute much, other than get dragged off by a sire past all the rest of the enemies

It is by far the mode I enjoy most in gears 5. I enjoy the shorter time of match, the intensity of the mutators,and over all strategizing with my friends. Yes alot of it is memorization but I loved old resident evils, donkey kong country’s, sonic, mega man etc etc. Beat it on insane tonight with friends for the first time and everyone had a blast.

I enjoy messing with the cards, utilizing their strengths together. Watching my friends level up with me and just really enjoy the teamwork. Completing that insane run was the first time I said, “ok this is something in 5 I really enjoy and want to keep playing.”

I know its overly simple to alot of people and that’s cool it’s not for everyone. I think its awesome.

I really like the new venom cards coming too. Especially a bleed for lahni and a explosive resupply for Keegan. I like the way it’s getting more relevant cards for harder levels.

In that venom, it gets weird and fun. Everything I love in a video game.

I greatly enjoyed the comics and artwork so far too.

It’s multiplayer mode…yes seeing Marcus die 20 times in KOH makes total sense

Eh it’s kinda enjoyable but needlessly grindy to pad out game life. With character levels, cards, difficulty settings and how insanely low ammo from pickups are: it feels more like a chore. Play the easy (braindead really) difficulty to get your start with levels to then work on higher difficulties. Gears 2 and 3 horde were fun in their simplicity but now everything needs to have a grinding progression system to apparently retain the attention of a playerbase.

Your response doesn’t really make sense - escape mode, not versus, has a canon based tie in. It has story elements into a bigger arc and story . Versus has nothing to do with any story element in any capacity

Comparing apples to oranges