What are your thoughts on Escape Mode?

I’m kind of curious, are people enjoying the mode so far? It looks pretty promising to me, and i’m enjoying the hives that are already out, Would you like to see the mode come back in future installments of the franchise?

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It is my most played mode although to be fair I’m hardly playing anything else on Gears 5.
I enjoy it, would hope for better team work though.
As for 2.0? In 6 I would still prefer Beast 2.0


Escape is OK, but there’s not enough to make the mode distinct. It’s basically just like running through bland campaign missions over and over again. IMO, instead of having the mode focus on conserving resources and progressing at a methodical pace, they should have made it a really over-the-top PvE experience with crazy stockpiles of weapons available and tons of enemies. As things stand now, it’s mostly just tedious to play.

I wish TC would have taken some inspiration from 343i’s Warzone Firefight mode from Halo 5. The best way to do a co-op PvE mode is to give the players a ton of options and scenarios to keep things fresh.


You have nailed it :+1:

I like Escape mode it’s a fast coop experience but I have a couple of criticisms:

  1. Ammo is too scarce and if you have one greedy team member in a public match the other two players will be black on ammo rather quickly.
  2. There’s zero reason to limit the characters who you can play in Escape (especially with the Terminator and Noble team guys in there). If I want to play JD or Marcus in Escape I should be able to end of story - just have a role and then allow you to choose the character skin that you want to play.
  3. The three “Hive Busters” are pretty lame from a Gears point of view, they’re just bland and uninspired compared to the characters from earlier games and the campaign.

Yes they’re going to send Marcus on a suicide mission into the hive.

This has a story tie in so there’s plenty of reasons you can’t use those skins. “End of story”

The map builder is great fun I Make maps with loads of ammo loads of weapons and loads of enemies. It’s crazy fun ginning 20 drones at a time. The maps tc have made are boring and have far too little ammo for a fun game. Why are the starving us of ammo in every game mode?

Boring. I cant tell the difference between any of the seemingly randomly generated maps. Its just a speedrun to the finish over and over. The story is paper thin compared to campaign, nor is it as strategic as horde. It just comes off as a lesser version of the two.

I would have much rather seen beast or overrun return, prefferably overrun. As far as Gears 6 goes, I hope they drop this and focus on features people are asking for. I doubt I’ll even play another round of Escape.


Overall I’m loving Escape. I love the enemy variety and the updated hives every few weeks. Helps keep things fresh. Haven’t tried out map builder yet, but I know some creative people in the community will make some interesting hives. My only suggestion would be to add character level requirements for the different difficulties. Something like Level 5 minimum for Elite, Level 7 for Insane, Level 9 for Inconceivable and Level 10+ for Master. I’m tired of playing Elite or higher difficulty and some guy choosing their level 1 or 2 character. Also the ability to skip that intro cinematic would be nice…


Too many people leaving

I have been enjoying it. I will say it needs more in maps and enmies and the new weekly map with extra Sires is a good start. I like to see what TC can do with it.

Absolutely ■■■■■, but that’s just my opinion of course


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Really not that great and The Gauntlet with every enemy having bastions is damn near impossible and not feasible. Some maps are just absurdly difficult and ruins it for me. Also the fact some people rush for the safe room door and closing it when others are not in. I had an occurrence where someone did it and even tho there was no enemies we could not open the door. Basically softlocked I fail to see how this slipped thru the developers minds. Hey let’s let people close the door without checking for their presence behind it. Same thing applies for the last part people activating the level before everyone is there and causing a failure or for them to only survive.

Checks for these situations must be applied in a patch. Also balancing needs to be done for difficulties, modifiers, etc for the maps to all be reasonable. Even Mac would not be able to deal with the damn Bastions. That’s including having a Keegan to regen ammo because again every enemy has it you’re going to run out of ammo. Another thing is why can’t pistols be put in the lockers?

Overall I just wish it was better and you could use horde heroes in escape too. Even with Emile, Kat, and Sarah someone is using a character I want to use. Not enough variety to use without people fighting over one character. Or better yet not have a duplicate rule it seems really stupid for horde and escape.

I’m curious, what is the highest difficulty you’ve completed on the current challenge hive?

I respect this perspective, but I’m just curious why you feel this way as I’ve had the complete opposite feelings about it regarding strategy.

To me there’s a lot of strategy and planning in escape.

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It’s basically Left 4 Dead with Gears characters mechanics and characters. I like it, but like left for dead it gets old for me trying to clear the out all the bonus skill cards for a level when there are 30 of them you get just by repeatedly playing the same Escape over and over and over. Not enough variation to keep the same Escapes interesting to me past a few runs to get a respectable score, but I still power through it to get all the bonus skills then I’m done unless I get a Tour of Duty objective for it.

Enemies the exact same? Venom too slow?
Somebody hasn’t played Master difficulty.


Yeah I’m curious how many of the people in this thread have cleared master difficulty on the current challenge hive.

And of those people, who thought there wasn’t any strategy.

I don’t care what cards you have, you’re not going to go through master without some strategy. But that’s just me.


Played today for first time.


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I’ve beaten escape on the difficulty below master, but not master. The issue I have is none of my friends could care less for escape, which means I have to try and beat master with randoms which is painful. I do think it’s a good game type, just very repetitive and I’m mainly a versus player, only really doing horde or escape for medals/stars