What are your thoughts on an open world gears?

In case you haven’t heard it was confirmed that gears 5 will have open world elements. Whether it’s comparable to god of wars open world has yet to be confirmed. Until then what do you guys think about the shift to open world? How do you think they’ll handle that change?

Wait till it comes out and I’ll tell you.


Lol well the wait ain’t that long anymore.

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I think it will be more of a “hub” open world rather than a traditional one. I’m excited for it either way.
…I suppose there might be some fetch quests like Marcus collecting 20 tomatoes or Baird fixing mechanical things though :wink:

I just completed Days Gone after 60+ hours of Horde and Freaker killing, my body is ready for the Horde. :slight_smile:

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That’s what me and @Ektope were thinking. And same here with days gone but I still have a few more hordes to go unless the game isn’t tracking them correctly cause I’ve had that problem since launch day.

Playing Gears 2 campaign yet again, that was a stunning world, if 5 is half as good we are in for a treat!


Good stuff. I’m fairness I have not killed all 30 (I think it is 30) Hordes, which btw are very impressive. I have completed and played and seen the post credits reveal

Tonight at 19:00 is approaching fast :slight_smile: did I read there is a reveal a little earlier as well?

I’m playing through the entire series to get ready for 5. I’m on 3 right now but I’m not in my home state at the moment so it’s on hiatus. And it should be cause it looks like they’re taking us on a journey through the locations of the past games. That sounds like a real treat. And I think it is 30 hordes. I just wish they kept the horde theme they used when they revealed the gameplay. The one we have now sucks pretty badly. And yeah the campaign trailer during the Xbox showcase and I think the horde reveal comes after. I gotta find the picture with the time slots.

If it featured strong characters (Deltas) I think it could work. If it were any of the newer ones I think it would have trouble hanging in a market full of really good open world games.

Found it


:slight_smile: it is one of the few times us European Gears (well I’m UK, but you get the point) don’t have to stay up/ get up at silly o’clock.

Same here. I’m in on Eastern Time zone so I’m three hours ahead

Bigger the better, I don’t expect Witcher 300 hours open world runtime but still 50-80 hour campaign on Gears Of War is my dream come true.

Personally, I would love an offshoot like GTA online. Small open world, World events and incursions, various vehicles and guns, custom characters and load outs, more classes. Hell, I just want more gears without the linear story or one off maps. There is soooo much cool visual and aesthetic aspects of the gears universe that it’s a shame we can’t do more with it all. Playing as stranded, outsider, UIR, etc, Getting into ravens or the 'dillo and taking out enemies as you move across the map as a squad. I would LOVE more open world gears.

As for gear 5 including it in story mode, meh… It’s either all or nothing now a days. You either go full arkham asylum or you stick to straight linear. Other wise it just seems like it wasn’t planned properly or wasn’t finished in time to make the cut.

Although, if they’re doing the fanservice of taking us through the old locations, as @DARKNESS586 said, I look forward to that but still don’t really care for it being open world-ish.