What are your issues/opinions of JD, Del and Kait

I think my main issues with the main trio is that they all come across too generic and bland.
Like The Coalition tried too hard to make them all likeable, but in doing so removed a lot of personality from them.

I’ll start with Kait and get probably the most controversial one out of the way.
Firstly none of my issues with Kait are because she’s a woman, i feel like there’s a fair amount of people out there that dislike Kait purely based of that and that gets her some unnecessary “hate” directed towards her.
Female lead characters can be great if done correctly but then that applies to any type of character doesn’t it.

My issues with Kait is that she’s overall very bland, there’s nothing really defining about her in my opinion.
I find her honestly quite annoying at times, a bit bratty maybe and she just feels a bit out of place.
Her voice actor does a great job but some of her dialogue i find fairly cringe, especially during fights.
I think her character is much better in Gears 5 than 4 but i just don’t find her all that interesting.
Which is odd because of the connection she shares with Myrrah you’d think she’d be more interesting.
I hope she’s not the lead in Gears 6 and we go back to JD or maybe even play as Marcus for an Act.

(I know we don’t know who’s still alive JD or Del after Gears 5, but let’s be real here it’s probably JD)

Next is JD, again i think this character is quite bland and a very generic lead character.
But that statement mainly applies to Gears of War 4, honestly after Act I in Gears 5 i think his character improved.
Visually his character is more intriguing after Act I, he looks battleworn and i think fits the Gears universe more.
I think there was an added layer of depth to him from a personality point after Act I and he became interesting.
In Gears of War 4 there was nothing interesting about him other than the fact he was Marcus’s son.
I think The Coalition tried to make him too appealing and likeable to begin with making him very bland.
Having him make mistakes and come across as a bit of a ■■■■■■■ in a way i think adds depth to him.
I hope to see more of JD in Gears 6 and i hope The Coalition don’t go back to trying to make him too likeable.

Finally Del, complete comic relief character, nothing interesting about him at all.
In my opinion he played the same role in Gears of War 4 as he did in Gears 5, while JD and Kait progressed.
I think The Coalition did Del dirty, again tried to make him too likeable and ended up with a bland character.
He basically has a fallout with JD and cracks some jokes, that’s his character in Gears 5 and 4.
I think there was a lot more story that The Coalition could’ve told with Del but decided not too.
I don’t think his personality was the main problem, but that he had so little involvement with the story.
I’d liked to have seen him have more of a character arc and a more meaningful role overall, but he didn’t.

TL;DR - I find JD developed and became interesting, i find Kait annoying/bland and i find Del pointless/bland.

These are just my opinions, i’m sure yours varies quite a bit from mine.
Overall i don’t think JD, Del or Kait even compare to Marcus, Dom, Baird or Cole as compelling characters.


Kill them all! We don’t need those babies!

JD, egocentric, had an actual character arc that got cut off and was a pretty off written character

Del, nothing but comic relief, provides more of a “I’m just here so you’re not alone” role, good humor, useless character

Kait, the most generic out of the bunch, barks orders around as a corporal, suddenly takes over the story completely railing JDs character arc in the bum, would’ve preferred a JD oriented story

Those are my main gripes with these characters, I don’t hate them, I actually quite like Del because of the humor. However, it doesn’t disregard how much of a cluster f**k the story is.

The story doesn’t decide who it wants to focus on lmao


So all of them just a useless idiots unworthy for existence!

I will say in 4 I hated how they all tried to be funny and none of the jokes landed. Using Kait to push the narrative through whinying was a mistake and I think that is one of the reasons people still hate her even though in 5 she becomes a better character. If Marcus died then this could have been a defining moment for the trio and make them take this threat more seriously but TC did a fakeout.

JD became an interesting character in 5 but TC put the choice in so his arc ends quite early. I like the idea of him becoming more reckless and getting punished for it. I still don’t understand how people are upset about how TC wrote his character in 5. TC should have made a campaign section where you play as JD and Fahz.

Del is a side kick and while I like his loyalty, humour (In 5) and developing friendship with Kait. I feel that he isn’t going to be able to grow into a main character because TC put the choice in.

Kait I enjoyed as the protagonist and I liked the direction she is going in with her blood ties. I know it is barely touched on in game but she is barely sleeping so her snapping at people makes sense.

I also find people calling her a Mary Sue funny as that means she is perfect and has zero weaknesses. Which isn’t the case at all as her nightmares, visions and killing her uncle with a power she can’t control says otherwise. Afterwards she also believes that her giving them a queen may have doomed humanity especially as she got outsiders to come to new ephyra.

They’re all boring as hell tbh. Hence why the campaign doesn’t capture you like previous titles did.

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Kait is lousy. Her whining was just over the top. Terrible choice as a main character.
Del is Del. As some here already said, he is there for comic relief and just a you’re not alone character.
JD has the most potential IMO. But, of course, they went with whining with Kait which basically buried JD.


My boy JD got robbed :triumph: How do you FINALLY have proper character development for your lead only to then time jump 3 months, switch leads, and turn the old one into a f*cking ■■■■■■■? A lot of the dialogue in the following acts was TC basically saying “yeah you should hate this guy.” But all I wanted that whole time was to play as JD again, and be liberated of Kait’s annoyance.

Del? He’s Del. Pretty useless and bland character with zero reasons to care for him, unless you count his friendship to Kait and JD as one… I don’t. Comic relief then, I guess? It’s hard to even justify that since all the characters seem to spit out horrible one liners that would make the first two acts of GOW3 cringe.

Kait, absolute horrible choice for lead and just a sh*t character in general. Her connection to Myrrah and the hivemind is interesting imo, but that’s all I can compliment her on. In general, very childish, bratty, bland, and annoying character. She’s also a corporal who barks orders at everyone (including Marcus) like she’s the ■■■■■■■ war hero of multiple wars :roll_eyes:

At this point I have no hopes for GOW6’s campaign. TC has already failed twice to make me care for their maincast, and when they had the chance they took it away and replaced it garbage. Unless… they pull a complete 180, turn GOW6 into the expendables, and we get to play as the OLD DOGS Marcus, Cole, Baird, Clay, and Sam. F*ck yeah :sunglasses::sunglasses:


TC confirmed Del’s death is canon.

And yeah, character development for Kait, Del and JD is bad. Writers did a poor job.

I like Kait as the lead character.

In gears of war 4 trailer, the narrator says this particular line:

“And once again, a Fenix must rise up to save the day”

We all know that is complete nonsense. GoW 4 story was painfully mediocre and did not even remotely attempt to connect with the above statement.

But they should have fleshed out JD’s character arc to the fullest in Gears of War 4 and then it would have been accepted to develop Kait’s story in Gears 5.

Del is just an Oblivion NPC in my eyes. His loyalty to Kait is the only saving grace.

Again, writers did a poor job. Let’s hope Gears 6 is good.

I like JD and Kait in Gears 5 but Del in 4 and 5 is just super boring. JD is the son of Anya and Marcus, Kait is the Grandaughter of the Locust Queen and what is Del’s significance? Oh hes their loyal friend lol

Also JD being the one alive is what the true ending should be.

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“TC confirmed Del’s death is canon.”
When!? Where!?

I would have provided the source to back up my statement. But problem is I don’t remember where I read it.

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I’m not a fan of the trio.

Don’t like how the face(s) of the franchise were left in the dark since Gears 4.

I don’t feel compassion for any of the characters like how I did for delta squad, the campaign is written poorly and it focuses too much on a storyline that TC reworked. Don’t like how Kait can talk that way to her superiors and in a way go rogue without consequences.

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In terms of their designs, I like them alot. especially JD, I think his new scarred look is top notch, especially the scar, he wanted one like his old man lol. Del in 5 looked alot better and I like how their armor went back to a more traditional gears size, bulkier but you can see that its more modern. Kaits new look is nice, I did like the edgy look but the new one is better.

them as characters? hmm… I think they arent as drab as I considered them to be when i first played through 4, Ive played 5s campaign twice, but its been some time so i will replay it again. JD and Del can be funny at times, Kait in 4 was a bit hard for me to like, I understood her frustrations because she lost everything she ever knew in 4 and she wanted it back (something I feel people forget) but it was also her personality in general. it was hard for me to like, in 5 she became more tolerable.

I personally feel that TC did Del dirty, I get that his death will be a major effect for JD and Kait, especially JD and he will become more closer to Marcus because Marcus has been there, done that. similar to how Kait confines in Marcus.
I think the event that unfolded in 4 and 5 will be good for Kait and JD and hopefully we all appreciate them more. I think they could obviously be written better but I usually always use the “context” card so i go a little easy on them.

6 better be a great campaign is all im saying lol

Marcus is on the front cover of gears 5 lol
and they play a supporting role now, its because its not about them primarily, but they are the expertise to the new squad.

Did you forget that JD and Fahz (Kim junior) went to Vasgar behind Jinns back? I also recall Jinn and the Onyx Guard rolled up to Bairds workshop to arrest all of them.

you have more of an argument there, and I agree with it, but I also like them, not close enough to old delta but I still care.

Well I’m my opinion I didn’t mind seeing a new generation take the stage. They weren’t as great as the classic heroes but they built up some story. They have a different threat than what Old Man Marcus and Dom had. It’s great to see it continue somehow and in reality the Swarm are just a mutated Locust breed. I think that Queen Reyna should be a bigger threat than Myrah. Would like to see a different approach to kill her. Gears should just have a encounter with her in the next game without killing her. We need a big bad in every game and what better way than to think you almost had her.

Fahz had more character development in 2 Acts than Del had in 2 games lmao


My issues were the sudden change of direction, i wouldn’t have minded if Kait was the main character in Gears 4 considering how it ended and followed into Gears 5. Wasn’t a fan of how JD and Del were always constantly cracking jokes even in dire situations that didn’t need it. They felt hollow and super generic in Gears 4.

Still have a little bit of issues with Kait and Del in Gears 5 but they have grown on me a lot more. Wished they would’ve kept JD in that pure COG through and through attitude and would have liked to see him get a bit more jealous and resentful towards Kait cause of the relationship between Marcus and her.

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I miss the “gym talk” amongst bros.

Dom used to say”get up (lady part)” & little things like that make up the culture of war.

Now we have a pg censored version with grade school language/ jokes & that’s not Gears of War at all.

Besides that.

Would you play a Halo game without Master chief? If Master Chief was playable? Most would say no or they would but it wouldn’t be as effective.

I feel the same principle with the Gears of War family.

I want to play with the Fenix family & not with some chick who has mental break downs.

Always fighting robots & generic friendly looking versions of the locust & now a pretty bird? Is that really gears of war?.. I would say not.

I could go further but those are minor issues i always disagreed with the franchise about.

Halo Reach and Halo ODST would like a word

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