What are your favorite weapons in the franchise? Or your least favorite?

Of all the types of weapons in the franchise that appear in the games, please rate your favorite in each category, rating 0/5, 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 and 5/5, and writing the things that you love or that annoy you about a weapon (example: “I love heel damage, but his knowback is terrible, 3/5”) (obviously the ratings are not exact, they are not divided into individual points that get a result when adding them, they are only to give an easier way to know how much you like a weapon)
you can consider different characteristics, such as the design, the shooting mode or the damage, that is something subjective and very personal

Assault Rifles
-Retro Lancer
-Classic Hammerburst (Gears 1/UE/Judgment)
-Hammerburst 2 (Gears 2/Gears 3/Judgment)
-Hammerburst, ammm, 3? (Gears 4/Gears 5)
-Enforcer (I know it is a submachine gun, but there is no other of this type to put it in a unique category)
-Shock Enforcer
-Claw (I know it is a light machine gun, but there is no other of this type to put it in a unique category)
-Lancer GL

-Sawed-Off Shotgun
-Elite Sawed-Off

-Gorgon (Gears 2)
-Gorgon SMG (Gears 3/Judgment)

-GZ18 Markza (Judgment)
-Mk1 Markza (Gears 4/Gears 5)

Special Weapons
-Torque Bow
-Hammer of Dawn

-Bolo Grenade
-Smoke Grenade
-Shock Grenade
-Incendiary Grenade
-Ink Grenade
-Beacon Grenade
-Stim-Gas Grenade

Heavy Weapons
-RL-4 Salvo
-One Shot
-Cryo Cannon
-Tripwire Crossbow
-Vulcan Cannon

-COG Chain Gun
-Retro Turret
-Lancer Turret
-Twin-Barrel Turret (Gears 4/Gears 5)

Melee Weapons
-Butcher Cleaver
-Breaker Mace

You can write that you have not tried the weapon in question if so (there are many exclusive weapons of games like judgment and I understand that not everyone has had the opportunity or the desire to try some titles, although if you like you could leave a first impression if you have only seen it)

And yes, you can copy and paste the names above, writing them one by one can be boring and annoying for some, although well it’s not like they need authorization to do it, right? jsjsfjsfss

Long Range AOE Damage - Splashing the Enemies is very Satisfied 5/5

Classic Hammerburst (Gears 1/UE/Judgment)
Sawed-Off Shotgun
Hammer of Dawn
Bolo Grenade
One Shot
Butcher Cleaver

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The sound alone made me poop my pants.

Oneshot was good in gears 3, especially when farming bot kills for onyx medals, just replace all guns with oneshot😁

Digger was a great gun also.

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Dropshot was my fave GoW4 Wrapon, both PvP and PvE…

Embar my least fave weapon.

Gears 4 Embar
Hammer of Dawn
Breaker Mace
Lightning Cleaver

Assault Rifles
Hammerburst 2 (Gears 2/Gears 3/Judgment)
Hammerburst, ammm, 3? (Gears 4/Gears 5)



Mk1 Markza (Gears 4/Gears 5)

Special Weapons
Torque Bow
Hammer of Dawn


Heavy Weapons
One shot

Lancer turret
-Twin-Barrel Turret (Gears 4/Gears 5)

Didn’t rate because too much of a hassle and im lazy but these are some of the ones i liked. Also didn’t play GOWJ but have heard goodthings about the booshka and breechshot.

Hammerburst2 - loved the gears 3 hammerburst. My trigger finger was a nicely honed machine and i managed the kick with ease. Often got live messages of babies crying “hacker! Or modded controller!” As i downed them repeatedly.

Boltok (gears 2 & 3) - I loved surprising Jacinto tower campers with double tap headshots or coordinated head splats (buddy and i in live chat would time our shots for instakill / downs if we both had a boltok).

Vulcan - I just loved the bullet vomit. I imagine it would be very effective in gears 5 if they brought it back. Especially if perks and cards effected it. Would be great againt some bosses.

Classic Hammerburst - I have never been a big fan of the rifles in Gears but I do like the Lancer and Classic Hammerburst.
Gnasher - Out of the four shotguns this is my favourite but I wish TC would lower the gib range.
Gorgon (Gears 2) - I would always pick this up in Campaign, Horde
Longshot - That original headshot sound was so good
Torque Bow - a bow weapon that fires explosives. What’s not to love about that.
Ink Grenade - I just think these are really creative
Mortar - A lot of fun using this heavy weapon

Gears has some great weapons which is why I will never understand leaving weapons out of the game. I hope TC does multi weapon starts in Gears 6 PvP but I doubt it.

Can’t choose between Hammerburst (GOW3) and Lancer GL
Can’t choose between Breechshot and Longshot.
Hammer of Dawn
Ink Grenade
Vulcan Cannon
Gnasher Turret
Breaker Mace

Also @Secreto_Dezimo relic weapons not mentioned?

I forgot about them jsjsjs, I suppose so, I mean, despite being variants of others, some make it more fun to use weapons that are not, so yes, you can include them :DDD

Gears 3 hammy.
Everything else is boring

This has my vote.

Gears 3 tuning on all weapons.

Hon mentions:
Torque Bow traps
Gears 4 retro
Gears 2 Gorgon

Enforcer, actually most of TC’s tuning on a lot of the weapons, specifically “their” one guns.

Assault Rifles
-Lancer - good in defense, good in offensive, good in suppression. just damn good.

-Gnasher - needs no comments

-Gorgon SMG (Gears 3/Judgment) - meatshield + perfect reload = come and get me!

-Longshot - Thats five!

Special Weapons
-Torque Bow - because there is nothing more badass than theron with a crossbow in his hands

-Smoke Grenade - flank em!

Heavy Weapons
-Mortar - incooomiiiiing!

The Pipe

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Gorgon pistol. Gorgon pistol boomshield combo gears 2 just heaven.

Most hated
Sawn off