What are your favorite quotes (for any Gears characters)?

That was to Anya. Thank you :slight_smile:

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JD or Clayton (can never remember who of them does it): The crashing helicopter/plane sound when killing a Sentinel/Guardian
Marcus: “Shut the f*** up Fahz” - campaign
Fahz: “Ha, check that little beauty!” - deploying a sentry
Anya: surprise emote
Sam: surprise emote
Keegan: “What the flock is that?” - spotting a Sire
Mac: voiceline about his aunt when spotting the Matriarch
Baird: “Mom?” - spotting the Matriarch

I believe that’s about it…

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Favorite line in the game is when Anya misses an over-cover grab and just gives the best ever “F#CK!!!”

In between Horde waves I’ll occasionally cover grab over and over until I hear it. It’s the best.

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She does, always.

Keeping it strictly to Versus and not including her glorious Campaign quotes, I have notable favourites:

  • ”Serve your Queen!”
  • ”Do not act beyond your station!”
  • ”And so you die. Alone.”
  • ”I will not be merciful!”
  • ”This is not befitting a Queen!”
  • ”Do that again and I’ll kill you myself!”
  • ”You crawl in the dirt where you belong!”

Alright, alright! I’ll stop.

…ok, one more.

  • ”Insufferable thing!”

Honorable mentions from Baird

“Ok we got a plus size here”
“Oh I’m sorry was that your spine”?

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“Tiiiimbeeerrrr! …You know, 'cause he’s tall. …like a tree.”


“Oh what’s the matter? Not feeling good?”

“Cmon s#%&bag what are you doing?”

All very good quotes and couldn’t agree more
some honorable mentions

  • To think we’ve come to this
  • You’re not worthy
  • One less to pollute our world
  • As you humans say “use it or lose it”
  • This is all going so well
  • Literally all of her laughs

Best girl
Blight Brothers to the end


You mean Mrs Stroud right?

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Yeah thats exactly what I said Queen Myrrah. You feeling alright pal?

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Are you buddy?

Clearly Anya is superior :sunglasses:

When she spots a Palace Guard. “Got a fancy Grub here” :rofl:

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Lizzie is my Favorite pretty much all her quotes are hilarious

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Yakko inhales
“Sentinel, more like sent to hell right guys” -JD killing a Sentinel
“What the Flock? " -Baird upon spotting a Flock
'Mom? Nope sorry! Was confused!” -Baird upon spotting a Matriarch
“Big mama, in the house!” -Cole upon spotting a Matriarch
“Go Flock yourself!” -Baird killing a Flock
“You motherFlocker!” -Baird killing a Flock
“Snatcher spotted ■■■■■■■■■■■■!” -Cole upon spotting a Snatcher
“Burn sucka burn!” -Tai killing something with the Scorcher
“I like em crispy all over!” -Cole killing something with the Scorcher
“Oh ■■■■!” -Deebee Miss a cover pull or jam reload
“No no no” -Deebee when in Venom
“Thank you citizen” -Deebee getting hit by a Torque Bow
“I’m the only boss on this battlefield!” -Fahz killing an enemy considered a boss
“Fashka, I forgot what having fun is like!” -Paduk killing something with the Mace
“Instant toast.” -Paduk killing something with the Scorcher
“Just got medieval on your ■■■!” -Marcus killing something with the Mace
“Away with ya!” -Mac killing something with the Mace
“Yell a lot and carry a big stick.” -Gary killing something with the Mace
“Back in your hole butthead.” -Hoffman killing Swarm/Locust
“Nope!” -Bernie No expression
“Now now, let’s talk this out!” -Mac blocking a mantle
“Haha, dead ooman!” -Locust Drone of any type. Funny when they say that when they kill Lambent
“I’ve always wanted to kick Baird’s balls!” -Paduk when killing a Tracker
“What the Flock?” -Baird marking a Flock
“You motherFlocker!”
“Go Flock yourself!”
“Flock you!” -Baird killing a Flock
“Mom? Nope sorry, got confused.” -Baird marking a Matriarch
Marcus’s war cry when he kills stuff with the Mace.
“You obstruct us!” -Hunter when hit by friendly fire
“What the ■■■■?” -Clayton marking a Sire
“What the ■■■■ is that?” -Keegan marking a Sire
“Bloody hell what is that thing?” -Mac marking a Sire
“I thought I’d seen the last of you!” -Dom marking a Sire
“Sire, and that’s one ugly son of a ■■■■■” -Baird marking a Sire
“Uh huh, you should’ve stayed in your tube!” Cole killing a Sire
“Hey that Sire’s holing! That’s a five yard penalty!” -Cole when a Sire grabs a teammate
“It’s got Fahz. We should do something… maybe” -Paduk when Fahz get’s grabbed by a Sire
“Sentinel, more like Sent to Hell right guys?” -JD killing a Sentinel
“crashing airplane noises” - Clayton killing a Guardian/Sentinel
“You… cease” Scion taking friendly fire
“Shoot human, not me!”- Scion taking friendly fire
“YOU MOVE!” -Drone when dealing friendly fire
“I will shoot you again if you don’t move.” -Tai dealing friendly fire.
Hoffman on fire sounds
“Ahhh, get some!” -Sheperd killing something with melee
“Oh ■■■■.” Sheperd and DR-1 on jam (rare) or in deep Venom. Sheperd will say it on missed yanks
“No No No” -DR-1 in Venom
“Junk” -Drone jamming his gun
The funny flail thing Ice Scions do when they fire for too long.
“Shoot like human” -Hunter taking friendly fire
“Ah just like my aunt Gladys: blind, angry and smashing through walls for no good reason” -Mac marking Matriarch"
“Hey Mac, what have you been up to? Oh nothin, just killing an ancient part of Locust history.”
Mac’s psycho laugh and scream -Chainsaw kill
“■■■■■■■ piece of ■■■■.” Hoffman jamming
“This is the textbook example of what NOT to do” -Hoffman jamming in Gears 3
“Sorry I had to snatch your life there” -Baird killing a Snatcher
“I will not be intimidated!” -Paduk killing a Warden
“Guns, should try em” -Baird killing a Warden
“Mission Failure” -DB stuck by TB
“How dare you!” -Mac stuck by TB
“How ignorable” Paduk gets stuck by a TB/Frag
“Maybe it’s a dud” Paduk stuck by TB or FRag
“Ah, oh well” -Paduk stuck by a TB or Frag
The funny Imago screech - when they get TB tagged or Frag tagged.
“Don’t eat us!” -Hunter getting meatshielded
“No no no no no” - Marcus getting meatshielded
“Now now, let’s talk it out” - Mac countering a mantle kick or yank
“Blocked” -Grenadier countering a mantle or yank
“They stuck me” -Keegan getting stuck by a TB or frag
“You really wanna get this close?” -Keegan blocking a mantle or yank
“Your ticket to hell!” -Paduk frag tagging, bag and tagging or TB tagging something
“The gift of boom” -JD TB tagging something.
“Go back to little league son!” -Cole killing a Juvie
“No more screeching from you!” Baird killing a Juvie
“That buzzcut looks good on ya boyo!”
“Look out! Teehee!” -Mac killing something with the Buzzkill
“What’s the matter? Can’t jump around anymore?”
“Bad dog!” -Paduk killing a Pouncer
“So long Pouncey” -Baird killing a Pouncer
“Fashka!” - Paduk when jamming or in venom. Nomads say it too.
“This is a great idea, wait around. Fashka, we need to move!” -Venom bomb timer hits 20 seconds and the door isn’t open yet.
“I know it’s hot but it’s a dry heat!” Paduk killing something with the Scorcher
“Just how I like my steak, burnt to a crisp!” -Paduk getting a kill with the Scorcher
“Burn baby!” Marcus throws an Incendiary
“It’s about to get hot!” -Marcus throwing an Incendiary
“Hotsy Totsy!” - Baird throwing an Incendiary
“Come to my flame moth boy.” -Cole throwing an Incendiary
“I see you chillin, I’m about to heat you up!” -Cole throwing an Incendiary
“Nice shot Fahz! Looked like one of mine!” -Del when Fahz get’s a critical kill
“Marcus, you got it baby!” -Cole when Marcus kills something
“Nice shot Paduk” -Paduk gets a critical kill
“Man after my own heart” -Baird when getting revived by Paduk
“Getting old Paduk?” -Barid revives Paduk
Something along the lines of “It’s got Baird, He is a feeble man and needs help!” -Cole when Baird get’s grabbed by a Sire
“I bite back!” -Paduk when a Pouncer jumps on him.
“Vile hunk of junk!” -Paduk when his gun jams
“I’m getting rusty” -Baird, Cole and Hoffman when they jam


W for including Dom in the list.

“Excuse me. You’re kidding right?” is probably my favorite Dom line.

“One dead grub” is a top 5 line from him for me.

It makes me feel nostalgic.

Sam “You have a small head, why is it in the way ?”


Lizzie; Grub obliterated! HHH Grubliterared! :joy:


Another good one :

When Mac meatshields an enemy he’ll say : “I’m a celibate so don’t get any funny ideas” lol