What are your favorite quotes (for any Gears characters)?

Now that no more new characters will be added, and Barrick, Valera and Oscar had enough time to be played as and hear their quotes, it’s a good time for this question before most players move to another game and forgot some of the quotes.

For me, Lizzie and Queen Myrrah wins because I found that every quote is good, or at least not annoying at all (Maybe that time when I was playing versus and 2 of my teammates start spamming the laugh emote as Lizzie and Ben).

Also, playing on spanish (latam) and after that moving on english, I have some favorites on both languages.

For Lizzie, there are 2 new words that I learned from her, but the quotes that I like most are:

Yuuuck - At the start of a hive
Every quote when she revives Carmine players
One when she used the Dropshot

For Mac, I like more the spanish quotes:

When another player joins to the decontamination showers.
Pure magic, mate
And one that’s maybe for a headshot.
Also, when he laugh.
Spotting a Matriarch, when he talks about his aunt (english)

Keegan, I like the voice (english and spanish), it’s fit for him, but there is one quote that I’ll never forget (on spanish)

Grab weapon emote.

I played a versus match (op1) and the end was 1 vs 1, one of them was Keegan. He spammed the emote for a whole minute.

Every Carmine has interesting quotes, but besides Lizzie, Clay has very funny ones.

Talking about taking a shower with the helmet on is ok.
If there are beer and bacon on the safe room.
I like the smell of energy in the morning - Taking energy from the taps

(I like most of Delta quotes because playing since Gears 1, but the following are new and I like them)

Cole: What I like most if when he says that the safe room smells like the locker room.

Marcus: Between waves, about waves

Sam: Finally I can understand what Sam says thanks to the subtitles. Since Gears 3 I had an idea of what she says, but most of the time I didn’t understand the entire quote.

Deebee: When he revives a DBNO player and when they start a match, with a recording of Baird

Sadly I can’t remember with 100% accuracy most of the quotes and I played less PvP than other Gears so that’s why I don’t have quotes for Swarm characters.


Sometimes sam gets a kill and says “Take that ya clicker.”

  • “Take that ya bloody clacker”

Doms “eat ( you know what) die” after getting a kill
Doms weapon pickup line “excuse me… mine”
A Carmines old weapon pick up line (now it’s an active reload response) “Lock and Load”

I could go on but just some of my favs.

Lizzies “watch and learn cupcakes” is something I’m still waiting to say in real life, just need to find the right time to say it is all lol. But honestly anything Lizzie says is my favorite :relieved:


lmao she doesnt even say clicker what? I’m in awe.

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Forgot to write one for Baird (Maybe not 100% accurate):

Juvies are why I don’t have kids/children


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When Lahni starts laughing like a complete psycho after killing something with a Mace.

Also, I’m a big fan of how characters talk to eachother in Gears 5. Just adds more personality to everyone. I do wish Baird and Sam talked sh*t to eachother though. That would be funny.


Lizzie has a line after she kills a Palace Guard sometimes she says “Nice Outfit Nerd”. She’s definitely my favorite Carmine lol

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Generally, any character that mocks Wardens for not using guns.

In specific, these two lines from Lizzie, which also are Warden kill lines :

“Look at me, I’m a Warden, I think I’m soooo great… snort Not.”

“Your drumsticks aren’t impressing anybody.”

Mac’s “Ah, so this is what contributing to society feels like” for getting a headshot is kinda funny too.

Beyond that I need to think a bit more, or I’d risk going into stuff that currently doesn’t exist in games. Or canon, for that matter, so I assume it’s not fitting for this thread.

Also reminds me that Kait occasionally starts losing it with laughs that sound like, well, that, after getting a headshot. One very rare occasion had both of those sound cues trigger one after the other on two consecutive headshot kills.


Lizzie has some of the best lines in the game.

When you get a kill with the HOD she’ll sometimes say : “Minimum Safe Distance Required” or something along those lines.


I don’t play any Vs and seeing as it won’t come to PvE, nor am I bothered to go into custom lobbies to check out those lines specifically, I probably won’t get to hear those.


My favorite is when you get a headshot with Barrick and Kait or Fahz or whoever says:

“Great shot LT Fenix!”

“Good kill Marcus!”


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Paduk: “I always wanted to kick Baird’s balls.”

Baird “I’m singing in the shower, yeah, yeah.”

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I never hear that quote. Maybe I’ll start playing as Baird to hear it (or I’ll search for a video with every Baird quotes)

I think mine would be for the deebee when it baird eating chips and relizes the vs match has started and his like oh shitare we recording? ummm deebee unit prepared for combat bleep boop!


Nah, its clacker lol.

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I haven’t heard that one yet lol.

As of now, Lizzie has been promoted to favorite carmine. Benjamin sucks now for me. I hate his new lines.

I love her line when she gets a kill with a drop shot

“Carmine Construction Company, building our future while destroying yours” or something like that lol.

Lizzies just exactly what I wanted in a carmine, shes perfect. Clayton’s new lines are pretty good but some of them make him sound like a fool, Anthony’s new ones are meh, obviously his old ones are the best and luckily he mainly uses his old ones. Gary is Gary lol.


Marcus, when chainsawing someone and saying “looks like you lost weight” is fun if someone follows up with the thanks emote. I also like Lizzie “sucks to suck”. Lizzie also has a rare line when killing db:s that I can’t remember now. Also jd “hope you saved your work” when killing a db.

I think it’s Clayton who also has a funny line mocking wardens, I can’t remember it exactly now but I know I thought it was funny.

Ah, bust my balls why don’t you!

F**k a duck in a bucket!

You’ve gotta be f**king kidding me!

Come on, stupid piece of s**t! I love the emphasis Sam puts in “s**t.”

Ah, you stupid piece of no-good s**t!

What the f**k was that?!

Hey d**khead! Friendly fire!

Hey d**kwad! Open your eyes!

Too slow, a**hole!

Ah yeah, the b**ch is back!

BOOOOM! After getting a kill with the Hammer of Dawn.

Ugh. Is that you I smell? To @WickedlyInocent :laughing:

You’ll be excused when I f**king say you’re excused. mmmm :smirk:

Where the f**k do you think you’re going? I’m not done with you! ooooh :smirk:

I love hearing all of Sam’s lines in general.