What are your favorite designs from the franchise made by tc?

Despite the errors of tc we must admit that tc has released incredible designs for the entire franchise, and I would like you to put your favorites, you can take into account from default skins, canonical, what if (for example hollow raam or lambent raam) , recolors, and they do not have to be only characters, they can also place weapons, vehicles, even styles (for example the DB style or the swarm style), it can be from gears 4, gears 5 and gears tactics.

Personally to me i love the treatment they gave clayton, from hollow clayton to hivebuster clayton they are great, I also adore academy anthony and benjamin firestarter, although maybe it is because I adore gears with helmets, I also adore commandos, their design is excellent, and as for other kinds of things like weapons I really like the style of the DB weapons, pretty square and also its blue and yellow color combination.

I also have some love and hate relationships with various designs, the first is the new onyx guard, the armor looks great, it doesn’t bother me that I don’t have so much protection on the arms, what makes me think about using it is the helmet, the little details like the breathing filter lines or the eyes are fine, but I think it looks too square and contrasts with the armor, it is not that similar to its other versions, even the clayton helmet looks better, and this one seems to be based on that helmet,

I think it would look better if it had a more circular shape, something similar to the helmet of the v-day gear or that of the commandos, the details are fine, only that the shape makes it look something strange, and I understand that they should look like an elite , different from the other gears, but the armor fulfills that purpose well, the bad thing is that the helmet is not so harmonious in the design with the design of the armor, although it is only my opinion

Another of these designs is the uir officer, which really does not have something totally wrong, only that in my opinion it would look better as a collector skin, the gold is similar to that of the collector skins, but I think that color would be rare canonically , maybe for the canon it would be better if the face beam is white like the standard indie, and the rest of the gold details were green, and maybe the gold of the shoulders with the uir logo would look good in red

It doesn’t really matter if you write 10 paragraphs saying what your favorite designs are, I really like to interact here and it will be very interesting for me to read your opinions.

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Lab coat Baird is probably a favourite skin from both gears 4 and 5, although I really like the DB’s, with my favourite DB being the guardian/sentinel. Also really liked the Jack redesign for gears 5.

I also prefer old man marcus over young marcus and I like gears 5 JD over gears 4 JD.

I think that the Elite drones in 5 actually look good, its primitive and savage looking, as it should with the current state of their hive mind.

I also really like the Fabricator design as well as the sentry redesign.

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Commando Dom is a top 3 TC made skin for me, maybe even my favorite TC made skin. I really like the update to a classic skin. Simple colors and simple armor look well on him and I like how slim the armor is, it suits Dom very well and his face paint is also a nice touch :relieved:. I actually prefer it over his OG :flushed: but maybe I’ll hold that statement for when classic commando comes back, his 4 version looked off compared to UEs.

Lizzies design is also an instant classic for me, she became my 2nd favorite carmine right away. It’s a shame her original skin is her only usable one (in my opinion ofc)

Cog commandos are also an instant favorite of mine, I do wish the commandos were with Dom and Hoffman during the Aspho Fields raid, random gears fighting seemed odd considering how vital that mission was for the COG to win the war. I love how they have the commando logo on their shoulders too, I was wondering what Doms hivebuster logo on his chest was but I guess it’s the COGs commando insignia. And their voice lines are 10x better than Vermelo and Casans.

The custom lancer is my favorite lancer ever. Enough said

Warden is my favorite swarm character ever, that title used to belong to the swarm sniper but the warden is a chad. I like all of the crystals on him and his cool cape, and the obvious being his helmet

The imago is a gigachad, I like his newborn look and seeing him in the gears 4 campaign was awesome, he was scary when he came out of the swarm nest but now I cant take him seriously ever since they gave him that Clayton sweater :relieved:

I always liked this Kait design, and the obvious that I like Kait anyways but I think this is her best look.

I could list more but I think I’ve done enough lol.

Some maps and weapon skins that I really like include

Training grounds (yes I like this map, both for the look and for pve and pvp.)

Blocked skin set
Grafifiti skin set
Pixel omen skin set
NCOG Marine lancer
Carmine Lancer


Old Man Marcus
Captain HoffMarcus
Bald JD


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A majority of the Hivebuster skins
The Hollow Storm variants
Academy Anthony

Weapon skins:
Heroic Venom especially on the Lancer with the green chain blade
Custom Lancer

Can TC be consistent with the size of COG tags? E-Day era characters can have the big tags whereas Post V-Day can have the small ones if they don’t want to modify all the skins.

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Same with the cog skull and new cog logos, Lizzie and the Vermelo and Casan gear have the skull while new Delta dont. Its confusing, I understand if veteran locust war members wear that skull because it was what gears wore during the locust war but it bothers me :joy:

The new cog logo is cool and more new swarm war gears need to rep it.

Lizzie most likely wears it because of her valiant uncles but shes not wearing any of their armor, so it’s just odd to me. But maybe shes upholding tradition.

I think we have had this conversation before. Do I think the artists did it intentionally? For Lizzie I can see as you said but Vermelo and Casan were most likely ported and updated from 4 so they continued to have the skull.

No, Vermelo and Casan wear new cog armor.

Casan and Vermelo from 4 wore Pendulum War/Locust War armor.

The new cog helmet is still Anthony’s but more updated. Kinda like how the first orders stormtroopers are to the empires storm troopers.

Hivebuster Armor Aesthetic.

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Weird. I just looked at the wiki for Vermelo and they sort of give him a backstory. Like he lived to the era of “peace” so I assume he got modern armour but like E-Day characters kept the skull.

He looks good for his age then lol.

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Swarm in general look much better than the Locust.

Chrome Steels were really nice .

Scorpio is by far the best squad ever introduced to the Gears-franchise.

The Warden’s design get my blood flowing, if ya know what I mean


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Biker, Vintage, Winter, Gilded and Hivebuster Marcus.

these lancers which i have both of