What are your best synergy cominations in horde or escape

What are some of the best synergy combinations you can think of in Horde. It can range from card setups to various other intangibles and kits like Jack’s healing beam on a Kait. Maybe there are two characters with certain cards that really compliment each other. Or a unique combination of cards that complinent 3 or more players. A certain setup thatll make the whole team a walking tank, or maybe another thatll make everyone a juggernaut (hypothetically).

Theres just so many diiferent strategies and setups that can create unique and diverse results in effectiveness and gameplay. I get that there’s always going to be a meta and always going to be a certain spot on the map thats favorited, but to mix it up and share your ideas and experiences with amazing combinations, this can apply to both escape and horde so get creative. The more minds and opinions the better.


The combination of Marcus Ulti and Fahz Ulti is ridiculously devastating. With your cards high enough you can even clean many boss-waves on master within seconds. Works best if Marcus is shooting the boss all the time to keep his ulti running. Fahz is using the Markza (not the Longshot). But be aware, most Marcus’ will hate your Fahz for that :grin:

I love it when I’ve got a Marcus in my lobby who teams up beside me as Fahz we straight up destroy waves. I had one match were I was being fed stim by one player and anywhere headshots from Marcus and it literally felt like cheating it was so boss. I’m also really happy with my card load out Ambush, Exploit weakness, Steady hands, Explosive Hit, Mod Longshot.

I haven’t encountered this yet most matches I’ve played marcus usually shares his ult. But I’m host LoL so it could be a reason why however they usually come to where I’m shooting from not the other way around.

Actually thought about doing a thread like this.

I was going to focus on card synergies.

Like Del and Jack

JD and Keegan

Clayton and Lizzie…er…everybody

Cog Gear and rest of the team