What are you suppose to do? 3 ppl quit within first 60 seconds of tdm ranked match

This is the type of stuff that really irritates players especially those playing ranked. Within the first 60 seconds, three players on my team quit. I’m glad I gained points going 10/13 topping my team lol, otherwise I would be pi$$ed.

But this type of stuff is happening more frequently now with people quitting during matchmaking and during the match.

If people quit during the match they need to be replaced with another player who’s searching because this is getting worse.

Mind that this could also be disconnections from the horrible servers…

Perhaps 1, but 3 players. Who didn’t rejoin mind you. If a player drops out due to connection he usually rejoins.

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I gave up trying to get a custom horde running this morning to benefit from last bit of boost, every time we started one or 2 players dropped …