What are you playing on?

So what is everyone playing on these days?
I’m looking to buy a gaming monitor because the tv I bought was waaay to big for gears of War.

My friend says I don’t need anything more than a 1080p 24 inch.
I prefer to go up to 27 inches though and I’ve been looking at 1440p screens as well.

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It also depends on how much you care about HZ/FPS and how powerful your system is for the games you want to play, Also how many other features you care about and what your budget is.

I personally have a 27 Inch 1440P monitor at 144/165(OC) and I love it (AG271QG) as my main monitor.


This is my primary monitor


75" Lounge TV. Will probably up that to an 80" at some point this year.

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A flat screen TV lmao

Do you care more about visuals or performance?

Visuals: go 4K HDR, but don’t go cheap on it. A lot of 4K HDR monitors aren’t really HDR at all and will look super washed out.

Performance: 120hz refresh rate. This is probably going to be the “new 60fps” in the coming years, and future proofing for that is smart. A 4K monitor that runs a 120hz refresh rate though is very expensive right now, so go for 1440p or 1080p. You’ll lose visual fidelity and color pop that, IMO, is a major difference, but 120fps is so very, very smooth.

But as @GhostofDelta2 said, it all depends on what your PC is capable of. You won’t see an upgrade if you don’t have a GPU that can handle the higher output.


Samsung Q7

1080p 24", 1440p 27", 4k 27"-32"
These are the recommended sizes, when you are 1-2 ft away from the screen.

@Aloha_its_Kyle’s pick is the best bang for your buck 1440p 144hz monitor. It has the height adjustable stand, and I think removing the stand will reveal the vesa mount attachment. It even has 1ms at that price.

As @staindgrey stated, don’t bother with hdr monitors. They aren’t worth it atm, need 1000 nits of brightness for hdr to not look washed out, and those cost $2k+. The $300 4K “HDR” ones only get between 200-350 nits.


Thank you, best friend.

The price also is the lowest I seen brand new. It was at $330 not too long ago (depending on inventory).

My second monitor is at 75 HZ and 1080p, with 2 ms response rate which is what I used on my original Xbox for years with no complaints really. What I disliked towards the end was hardware related to the Xbox Bc I played for a month on my HP monitor with my PC; decent quality imo.

Sadly gears suffers in terms of NVIDIA and poor stabilization, but all my other games run like butter on the AOC.

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This is what I was looking at but not the curved version. I was gonna go with the 27 fhd one.

Mind you I’ll be on a console and not a pc.

Does the curve affect your shots?

Same execept I got the 34" version.
Pretty happy with it.

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It takes getting used to in general.

But I have been playing / using curved monitors for almost 4 years now.

Only when I’m drunk does the curve make my shots go loco…

Series X or ? For your console.

I play on a 75" Samsung TV in the basement (with xbox Series S). I like to lounge on the couch while I play.

It all comes down to personal preference.

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I woulda went bigger but I am happy with my 2 27s. They fit so perfect on my desk.

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people playing on a curved monitor trying to tilt their head to see around the corners.


Oh, you’re on a console. Got it.

If you’re on an XB1, it doesn’t really matter. Get any old 1080p. XB1X, you could optionally get a 4K monitor too. Same with Series S.

If you have a Series X, you have the option of going up to 120fps if you get a 120hz+ monitor, and I’d highly recommend doing that if you have the money. It’ll futureproof you as 120fps becomes the new high standard over the next few years.

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Right now I’m on an Xbox one. I’m gonna get the x when ever I find one in stores.

Right now I’m looking at the aoc fhd 27 inch one.

I switch between a monitor and my 49 inch tv
Prefer my tv as it’s 4k hdr 60 hz and the game mode has lower input delay then my monitor which is awesome.

My monitor has a higher hz but most games I play on PS are 60 fps, only play gears through pc

Does a tv that big have a good a game mode cause nothing I hate more then input delay