What are these search times

I’m up here searching social! Social! For like 15 minutes without finding a game. And I know for sure it isn’t my internet connection. Tf is up with that.


Gears is honestly dying especially social.

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I wait 4-8 minutes for a comp warmup…i never had issues like this till a week ago or so

I would not be surprised if social is really close to being a wasteland. I’m East US and I was playing shortly after “prime time” and more than half of the players were bots.

Social is fine for me. If a game is half bots then wait a round or so and it may fill up.

It’s what happens when devs fail to sustain a population. It reminds me of the last days I played Gears 3. I run into the same few people within a week and get games filled with these ridiculous bots.

If they put as much attention into supporting the social playlist as they did other things, they would have more players. Specifically, I hate playing ranked matches in any game, so I stay in the social hopper. Needless to say I think I might be done playing this game soon if the only thing I have to look forward to is playing against a team of broken bots.

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