What are the purpose of banners if no one can see them?

Once again community had better ideas.

Yep it’s some many pride banners because the game is gay :skull: don’t get but hurt lbgt community it’s a joke the game really is bad tho :roll_eyes:

Blood sprays are after executions I thought bloodspray changed your emblem when your hurt and the screen turns red it’ll the skull and the gear to what ever blood spray you have equipped how wrong was I not a bad idea tho

Yes, thank you! I actually thought bloodsprays were a really cool idea when the game launched because I assumed this is how they worked. Then after I had been killed a million times and never seen a unique bloodspray I realized that no one actually sees them. What a waste. Even if I stop and try to look at the ground, you can barely notice them.

The banners would be cool if they showed up somewhere else (maybe in the pre-game lobby or when you first start off a match), but since I’m not that good and rarely get MVP, no one ever sees mine. :confused:

Hey man, for just 10 bucks your guy can stand there with a thumbs up and say “good job” or some ■■■■. You can’t beat that deal.

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Thinking about it more & looking at the picture I’d say that was the original intention. Especially considering how non-existing any kind of lobby is at present.
But what’s pictured here is EXACTLY what cod’s blackout lobby looks like, so perhaps there was some copyright infringements… Or… Including this in the launch game would’ve just broken it even more.
Either reason would be believable.
It’s still a good idea though, there’s no disputing that.

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So THAT’S why Gears 5 is sitting on my hard drive not being played.

Hopefully they make some kind of effort to correct banners and bloodspray , hell even re ups.

I just ignore the junk and have fun!

Well said all great points. The emblems in 4 and names (I’m Sir Lancers a lot, in Gears 3 :slight_smile: ) and medals in 3 and J were a far better system.

There is no reason we can’t get emblems back in 5 surely. If TC can sell it, we will get it at some point.

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So do I. Iceborne and PvZ 3 has been great.

Aw man are you talking about the one where the character bites its lips ? I hate this one, the biting lips alone makes it cringy af

I mean look at this:

image image image

Hell to the fckng no.



Yeah banners aren’t as good as emblems. Also the tester banner is glitched. It doesn’t show when you get MVP.