What are the purpose of banners if no one can see them?

It’s to fill the ToD with useless crap, so you dont get what you want (skins) from the get go. They are pointless, also sprays and marks


Yes the banners are crazy. every supply drop has a banner and a call out. Its unreal how many i have already compared to weapon skins.

To make fools think they’re unlocking actual content.

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Banners like sprays and expressions are pointless in this game but lets charge the gamer 700 iron for it anyway :unamused:


They should inspire themselves with what Overwatch is doing. There it feels very rewarding, with the intro and all. Whereas here, I never noticed my bloodspray or the banner, Plus, the character just standing there idle when you’re mvp in kind of underwhelming.

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That’s because they only show up on that screen half the time too.

They are currently pointless.

They are one of the items that allows The Coalition to say that there is more unlockable content in Gears 5 than there was in Gears 4. And while technically they may be correct in that statement, nobody really cares about the stuff they are allowing to be unlocked without paying money.


The purpose is to dilute the loot pool. It’s to provide the illusion of content from a surface level while offering nothing worthwhile, and something that can be put together by the office interns a few times a week. This way TC can claim that they have a steady stream of “content” being pushed out, without anything substantial being added to the game.

Recently, game companies/corporations seem to think that if players actually get what they want, they’ll stop playing the games. Which is why everything is drawn out now, and the development focus is on drip feeding content rather than creating a compelling game play loop.


feels like a few of these cosmetic were created in a boardroom first and then clumsily fitted to the game.

only time a banner gets seen is the MVP screen and BloodSprays are simply not visible in-game,

Ah thanks for that info about the blood spray. I was looking on the floor when I had changed it but couldn’t see anything.They really are useless lol

Yeah. Something like this displayed in lobby. Allowing use of emotes here too would help garner interest in those as well.


Same with weapons. In a third person game weapon skins don’t matter, only character skins. In first person it’s the other way round. Yet both types of games offer both types of skins

Lol. Well said.

Freedom isn’t free
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Freedom costs a buck o’ five …err … 700 iron.


I definitely think they could improve their visibility, some of the Banners look great I want to show them off more

The purpose of banners is to satisfy the people who like to collect worthless junk.

agreed they need to make banners/bloodsprays/Re-Ups mean something

I honestly said the same thing recently I feel they should be displayed on the score board right now they serve no purpose, cosmetics are to be seen of only I cam see it, it’s better off not having it at all.

This screen should actually display before every match, for the team you’re on. In fact, with how detailed it is, you’d almost swear that maybe that was the original plan, and then it got axed for some reason.


I’d say blood sprays are more useless than banners. At least you see banners at end of the match. The sprays ui haven’t even seen once.