What are the purpose of banners if no one can see them?

I apologize if I’m beating a dead horse. But I have not really come across this on the forums. And my purpose is not to bash the game. I am genuinely confused.

Why would anyone really care about banners if no one else can see them? Am I missing something? Can you see others banners?

I also don’t understand the layout of the lobby since gears 4. You can’t see any other players like in lobbies past. You can’t see their hard earned weapons or skins. Which was kind of a bragging right. (Not that I ever had anything impressive.) It was just cool to kill time in the lobby and see what everyone else had unlocked. Or find about about skins I didn’t even know existed. Any thoughts?


They’ll see them if you’re the MVP so I guess that’s the point. Still pointless though if you ask me (which nobody did, LOL)


Geez I guess that shows how observant I am. I hardly pay attention to the mvp screen.

it is so you can show off your pride to your friends. the pride for your country is so special now that it isn’t free anymore - 700 iron, baby!


They are there for you to enjoy your self and it shows your banner in the MVP screen if you get MVP.


So we can see ads for Game Pass titles every time we look in our inventory.


I don’t mean to sound negative. But this and the blood sprays are surprisingly lousy ideas. The concept (customization, bragging rights, etc) is good, but the implementation is really lame. Did they think this through? Are they this out of touch? I can off the top of my head think of a couple of ways to vastly improve each, which could not possibly have cost much more development resources if any:

Bloodsprays: display this on the enemy’s kill screen. Not on the ground where no one looks.

Banners: Everyone’s character stands next to their respective banner in the lobby just like they do on the MVP screen. This way everyone gets to show off their banner (like we could with emblems).

They could have done something that would make the fans care more about this extra customizable content and would make them perhaps want to spend the effort grinding and/or paying. TC really dropped the ball here IMO. It’s mind boggling to me.


Who the hell wants emotes, blood sprays or banners? They’re all pointless. Idk why they think this game is like fortnite. Well to be fair they are both trash lol.


Hey man, I love my Forza Street banner. It’s hilarious.

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The purpose is to make you feel like you are getting something.

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Its well implemented on gears 5 statsScreenshot_1


Yeah its really a dumb thing imo. I would rather go back to 4’s system of banners, in which everyone can see each other’s. Because, as of right now, you have a 1/10th shot of actually having your banner seen. What is the point of customization content if no one but yourself can see it?
Also, off-topic, but kinda related, there should be 2 MVP slots imo. One for the Swarm and one for Cog


Everyone’s banner should be able to be seen at the start or end of the match and in horde and escape. Why on earth did they plough so much advertising and thought into 19 pride banners that no one else can see. The point of the pride flags was too show they were welcoming to all in the community but no one can even see them it is tragically dumb. And I don’t even care about the pride flags just they advertised it as a feature but no one can see them.


Check out the picture for the BFFs achievement. It is exactly what you said (in regards to Banners).


Banners should be visible in the lobby and scoreboard just like emblems were.

Or else,

You see 1/10 per match …


Fill the ToD/cosmetics pool with useless crap.

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You pay 700 iron for something you can never show to anyone online.

“Hey look at this cool banner.”

“Where is it…”

“Only I can see it”

“Cool story bro”

“I paid a lot of money for it”

“hope you like it…I have no opinion on it because I have no way to see it.”


Would like to see these not just at mvp screen Dauntless has them in an emote

the bloodsprays i was expecting something totally different. now, i think they have only caught my eye once or twice ? it’s evident that they were built into the game just to sell as microtransactions at the simplest of levels. why build a ton of character skins and executions when you can simply make a banner and blood spray and sell those.

i dunno, i dont get how some of this ■■■■ comes about.

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Yeah banners are pointless… hell I’ve noticed recently, maybe just happening to me but the MVPs banner is never displayed lol