What are the prices for the black steel characters

I for some reason cannot see the prices, can somebody tell me what they are?

I can see them just fine. My console is not on at the moment though. :grinning:

Easily seen, you could also check it out by visiting the following link:


After pressing buy now under your preferred Black Steel character, you will be redirected to the page where the price is specified.


Didn’t they say the blacksteel swarm sniper was 3 dollars?

Sorry, I have no clue if there was any change on the prices.

In UK sterling all Epic cards are £4.59 and Legendary cards are £5.79.

Every day one of the 8 cards is selected to be a special lower price of £2.49.

I saw that the swarm sniper was supposed to be the lower price, but it isn’t. and they changed it to where the locust sniper was the lower price.