What are the most recent bugs & glitches you've encountered 2020?

Games been out a while, curious to see some of the many bugs, glitches or gameplay issues you’ve encountered in the recent build of the game, preferably with screenshots

That’s not a glitch, it’s the new playlist featuring silver surfer / pepsi man.

Jokes aside, I’ve been playing 2 hours a week for the past 2 months. I no longer have it in me to deal with the copious amount of BS that this game has.


The whole game

If you’re shot while revving a chainsaw it forces you to automatically reload. That really grinds my gears

There is also another that when you’re shooting, bullets don’t leave the gun. It will have the SFX and the visual, but no damage to enemies or decrease in ammunition

Also if you are in the middle of a reload you cant use the chainsaw which to me is a lot more annoying

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And the gun reloads when you use your ultimate in classic alt… (So you activate your ultimate as marcus and before you can actually start shooting to use rifle feedback , your claw does a 5min reload)

And you cant use your ulimate when standing on barriers or jack floating above barriers, or team revive if you are downed next to the fab, etc, etc.