What are the "Big Changes" coming to Gear 5?

We have a good idea how the coalition studio does their business when it comes to this game. What kind of “Big Changes” are the coalition working on?

You put that in quotations , as to imply this is something TC said… Did I miss an announcement?

Guardian is coming back to Ranked!!

That’d be best news yet.


Probably just putting more bullets in the Lancer


Apparently separating characters from classes so we can play as who we want instead of being locked into characters we may not enjoy.

  • Complete overhaul of the Ranking system
  • More focus on traditional maps and releasing them at a faster rate now that they’ve dropped production of map tiles and the map builder modes
  • New character skins will no longer be tied to the release of Hero abilities or PVE, they will come out whenever they are ready (example the Carmines)
  • PVE modes will no longer tie characters to specific abilities, instead it appears as if Horde will go back to how it was in Gears 4 with set classes, although we still don’t know for sure, it’s just that all signs are pointing to this
  • Flashbangs have been removed and are getting reworked into stun grenades

So yeah there are some pretty massive changes coming to Gears 5.

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When Horde becomes like 4s, I hope they let us save specific combos (for example, offense but explosive based, offense but melee) to make it smoother.

The “big changes” that TC is planning is to make this game an even more boring grind that prioritizes making you buy iron/boost to complete it. As well as adding in more expensive customization items to the store while releasing crappy generic look items through the ToD.



allowing us to buy any weapon from the fabricator ? … but im doubtful they can’t do that… I mean they don’t even have the human spirit to pronounce " fabricator" right…

Ha! You beat me to it!

Bring back Guardian!!!


More Carmine Family related bugs!? :thinking:

Definetly my friend crossing fingers .

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I’m optimistically excited to see what changes are coming, or at least see a roadmap of what TC is going for with these '“Big Changes” & I can’t wait to hear some news on it.

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Biggest change, would be Gears 5 fixed. “Fixed !!!”


I’m bored already. None of that sounds good to me unless I see specifics on how things are being done. The track record is too bad to be excited or optimistic. Sorry. Also with all of that the multiplayer will still bore to me to tears. The only good thing I see is character abilities not being tied to specific characters ? But we have no idea how this is being done.

I want to see horde and multiplayer map builder so we can actually get decent maps from the community…put up a playlist with selected maps from US (like halo has been doing for years now) and let us play them if you aren’t going to release NEW maps. Game feels good for a week after an operation and then becomes boring again. I can’t bring myself to start it up.

Also add locusts or some enemies from g3 horde mode into horde… the enemy variety is straight trash. Horde mode should be HUGE. It’s what started other horde type modes in a lot of other games. You need to set the bar…g5 isn’t doing anything but strolling along without gaining traction.

Please make gears of war amazing again. The community deserves it badly.

That’s what I’m saying. They have built the character/general XP heavily around having boost, leaving no hope for the people without it. Bounties were good to have in Gears of War 4 - they just decided to monetize the ■■■■ out of everything in Gears 5


Yeah, and then imagine how short of time it will feel exciting if they start to only release old maps and at the same time remove the hero system to just release characters as skins with no new skills. That might make me stop playing.

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Bigger Pahanu #PahanuMatters

Correct me if I’m wrong, put your 4th bullet is just speculation right?

I have yet to hear from TC that this is actually happening. I know Octus said prior to his departure that they were working on a way to “solve” being able to play PVE with the carmines.

That’s all I heard. That could mean many things. It could indeed mean separating characters. It could also mean roadmap for character release PVP and then PVE, addition of a Gears 2 style horde where there are no cards/abilities involved so you can play as them, or a different workaround we don’t even know about.

I think stripping cards from characters and eliminating the hero system sounds ways easier than it actually is.

I personally enjoy the hero system. I would rather have time and energy be put forth into improving upon it and making new hero’s than reworking the entire system.

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