What are the best cards for cog gear in horde?

When I look at other classes in the horde I can literally guess which cards are the best ones for each character. But for Cog gear it’s different, he has more than eight cards that are so good in horde. But unfortunately I can’t use all the cards in the game.

I know there is many ways you can play him, he can be completely tank, even though TC gave cog gear the wrong role. He should never been support, more like tank to me. If you play cog gear with dodge and perfect condition, automatically can becomes tank. He can be very good at supporting the team with stim and helping out engineer, especially when Matriarch rushes into the base, cog gear can literally bring back all the broken barriers/fortifications.

He also has another really good card which I just figured out, thanks to my friend. Healing bounty, that card has saved me lot of times in master difficulty, when my health is in the low end I automatically gain it back when getting the kills.

So I’m just curious to know what cards do you think that cog hear is best suited in horde?

I run with:

Team repair
Helpful headshots
Healing bounty
Overdoing it
Perfect condition.

I know there is dodge, get up and nade recharge and others (for the ultimate ability). But there is to many to choose from.

I run with:
Helpful headshots
Perfect Condition + Imperfect Condition (whatever it’s called) = 30% DR whether full or low health
Custom Lancer
Get Up

2 of those give team mates and self stim and lancer gives a little better offense. I still don’t seem to mount a crazy good offense though - chainsawing rejects when they come in a doorway is good until later in the game and after that I’m a tri-shot hero so maybe I should try something else? Custom Lancer + Retro Lancer + Helpful Headshots could be good though. I can’t remember if he can buy one or not - I play him infrequently since his offensive capability is so low :thinking:

Yes they are decent cards. Custom lancer would be fun with less than insane difficulty. On masters though, I would prefer trishots as they deal much better damage though.

Overall, good cards

Hey man,

If it helps, I have guide that goes over this in detail. But its ultimately your choice for what you like.



That’s the setup I run, except I use team repair instead of get up, it appeared to be more useful to me general, but both those card are slightly situational and either could be best at a given time. Cog Gear can buy a retro, which certainly helps out a little bit with the offense.

Yeah… I’ve noticed when I play with random engineer who wasted all his power during the boss wave like the Swarmak blowing up lockers. This is where team repair becomes so useful, without costing anything.

I find myself wanting to prioritize team revive for when at least 2 or more people are down or when Jack is down someplace unreachable.
Team repairing ends up being needed regularly so if nobody is going down then either I team repair and risk not having team revive when I really need it or I end up not team repairing.
Using it willy nilly (in an exaggerated analogy) might end up being like JD using Artillery Strike on a Juvie right before the boss wave.

team heal
team stim
reduced damage from snipers
reduced damage when uninjured
reduce damage when low health

cog tank ftw