What are some other good Online MP games?

Now as someone who is really not a big gamer, I was curious as to what other people thought were good multiplayer games. I really enjoy Gears, but I would like to expand my video game horizon. Any suggestions?

Campaigns are better.


I highly recommend Titanfall 2.

-Great campaign.
-Fun multiplayer.
-No lootboxes.

The Ultimate Edition was $4.50 recently, but I think that sale is past. However, the game has great deals very frequently and is well worth the price.

Definitely the most underrated game from the last few years.

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You can’t go wrong with the Borderlands series.


I really don’t like campaigns lol…

Yeah, my brother used to play Titanfall 2 a lot. I might give that a shot.


“I really don’t like campaigns lol…”

What kind of monster are you?


I’m a clown. The stuff of nightmares (duh):smile:

Taking you off my friends list


I didn’t realize that campaigns were so sacred.:joy:

Granted, the only one I ever really did was CoD Black Opps 3…and it stunk

Well RDR 1 and RDR 2 are both masterpieces. Not to mention many others.


Wait…Tony, you like Red Dead Redemption??? Color me surprised😂

In that case, you’ll probably love Black Ops 4…because it doesn’t have one.

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LIKE RDR 1 and 2? Do you know how asinine you just sounded?

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(Whispers) I don’t think he plays RDR, Tony.


You should know by now that that’s how I sound 99% of the time😂

(wispers back) no…I don’t

Underrated cuz the first one blew chunks

and @DAVID_THE_CLOWN you gotta be out your mind not to like RDR 1 or 2

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I just like trolling Tony😂

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You can’t troll me bro. You’re too young to know what trolling is.