What are some good, non-traditional Horde base locations on various maps?

Ive never done this as i only play with randoms who all hide in the relic room while im out near the window that looks down onto the tap. I usually play nomad on that map and clear most of the 1st 2/3 waves myself.

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I’ve had the bunker and taps set up there once in all the time I’ve been playing and it was a glorious game. Failed to a kestrel on the last wave. Everyone was mad but it was a superb game which really felt backs to the wall and pinned in. Two watching each side and someone watching the middle.

I do wish they would make that spot a but more viable because it’s so much more fun than anywhere else on that map. Sadly I’ve not ever been able to replicate it without the party quitting.

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Being confined is the biggest problem, but what I suspect puts the true nail in that Tomb location’s coffin (see what I did there?) it is what’s (not) controllable beyond that nook. The starting spawns are not that much bigger areas, but I think they can be made to work better because you can control the left, center and right approaches farther out.

I don’t know for sure though… I’m skeptical of the spawns, and the last attempt I was in was with a bad engineer who only barriered up the actual Stained Glass Spawn at the stairs, which is ridiculous. If you haven’t stopped enemies before they’re 10m from your last stand, you’re not going to survive. I knew the game was doomed early when I saw that and nobody helping me with the taps (which were perfectly fine for a Memorial balcony base, incidentally).

Clocktower ‘Bridge’ is another death trap that can still work. You just need to do most of the killing in the center & the steps before they can push your rifle/sniper classes that are stuck there. When I’m engineering it, I also like to have at least 2 L3+ shock sentries relatively early for reducing the pressure from the Balcony potshots.

Sorry, where do you mean by ‘Deck’? Do you mean the raised location at the top here?

If so, I coincidentally just did a butter-smooth run from the tap there a weekend ago. We eventually had two engineers (RE later joined an Architect host), which I think is not often a good enough tradeoff, but it certainly kept the sides carpeted early, often, and far. Barriers (including laser) kept the heavies from the Rig/Lifeboat Spawns far out before they could be too dangerous, and the Tactician was also shooting through the opened Control Room shutters to thin out enemies coming from the Submarine Dock before they rounded the corner (well, barriers would stop that, too :slight_smile: ).


Red Box = Fab

Green Dots = Example of Players Position, classes like Pilot,Anchor or Gunner or just any brave enough Player could also use the Cover on those Stairs.

Blue Arrows = where the Enemys come from/where to build Barriers

This Setup is very smooth, way more room to move around (dodge frags,Booms ect.) than Submarine.

With decent or good Players it’s pretty fast too the last 50 i did with a 4 Man Squad and 1 Randomer took us 1Hhr and 23mins.

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Used to do this way back when this map came out. Pretty fun and reliable setup but ,like you said, needs some good players.

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Here step by step how to deploy that Gears 5 Master Horde - Lift - Ultimate Base Setup (4 Players Only) - YouTube

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That’s very similar to how i tent to build on the Submarine-setup but most of the time it’s a wasted effort when playing with Randoms because they’re too scared to push out further. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Sir math is a bot king extraordinaire, don’t underestimate him.

I decided to investigate my own question about Rail Line locations the past few weekends. I narrowed down enemy spawns solo a bit and settled on two main locations to test via 50s with the usual 100% randoms grab-bag.

Right/drill side

The one on the right puts the fabricator just outside the ‘Grind Hall’ (drill) tile hanging off the metal plate in the doorway toward the farthest right tap spawn. This lets you control all of the high ground on the right side (yellow in the map below). It completely blocks any spawning in the entire Grind Hall, and only a trickle of enemies attempt to come through there anyway so you can put some modest barrier coverage at the bottom doorway outside the shack and pretty much any class can likely hold it via sniping, lancering, or CQC.

That fabricator spot also largely prevents enemy spawns on the upper balcony where the base normally is, especially if you post one or more players/lockers up there as if it were a standard setup. Another player could CQC in the central lower section or cover it from the nearby stairs overlook. Pushing out with barriers and later shock sentries worked a treat.

The only real downside was the 2 main active “fronts” are separated from the Grind Hall’s chokepoint by a lot of distance to run as non-repairing-assisted engineer (assuming you set up to confront them at the bottom and not the top of the Grind Hall).

Left ramp

The alternative setup on the left puts the Fabricator on another doorway metal plate, this time at the top of the T ramp tile on the wall nearest the center. That one is even better for the Fab since the enemy has no angles to hit any one there. You want to set it down slightly away from the wall so it’s not quite the farthest toward the center that it could go, in order to prevent an occasional spawn behind you in the dead-end stairway/sniper perch tile (I forget the map editor’s name for it).

Then, similar to the other one, you control all the high ground on the left side including the starting upper balcony, where you can post people or force enemies to walk multiple barrier lengths to get to your side.

Both of these are definitely more interesting than the played-out standard full spawn balcony base.

They both have a tap location within the base boundary just like the normal setup, and it’s even easier to access/protect the lower tap in the center. They encourage better separation of players and lockers so one boom/frag doesn’t wipe everyone & everything. And they both have overrun fallbacks or escape routes that provide plenty of options to recover (the left side especially since you can just quickly loop around a Swarmak or whatever and still be within the comparative safety of the former base).

I’ve only tried the left once (and succeeded first try), but I can already unequivocally state that I personally believe that one is absolutely better in every meaningful way. I don’t think I’m going to ever set up at the player spawn again by choice.

I’d love to hear opinions if others have tried, or do try, these Rail Line locations (or crazier back-of-map setups-- I couldn’t find one I thought would be viable to try with randoms).


Your Left Ramp setup is exactly how me and my friends use to play when the map first came out.

Never did Drill but i might give it a try.

Also i still want to do Asylum on Traintrack setup😂

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