What are people allowed to play on servers that have extreme lag?

Every one knows it’s b.s. yet it still some how acceptable to put us in matches where every thing is completely jacked up. I live in Seattle if I go against a Mexican squad either I’m indestructible or they are. It’s an out right joke and if I can see with my eyes where the errors are in the game how hard can it be to program the game to recognize how far a person is away from a server.

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Why not show us how it’s done. I’m looking forward to see the fruits of your labor in Gears 6.


Probably very difficult.

This is a typical response from a high pinger.

The game favors the high pings (and single digit pings).

They don’t want it to change.

Come on @SnubbbS say lag comp isn’t a problem.


I feel like this topic and question has been asked before…

True, but the answer from TC is apply for a job and do better.

It’s pretty simple.

TC call EVERY other developer.

No other game favors lag like Gears.

people who lag have such a big advantage

You just suck at the game, sorry mate.

I also posted a video of me playing fortnite with like 140 ping vs 30 ping, and you couldn’t even tell the difference. The only games that are really unplayable when you lag is CoD & FIFA.


For all you geniuses that think lagging is an advantage, go download this Get the special anniversary deal now | NordVPN

Choose a server in bumfuck Africa, and play every game on 250 ping. See how that works out for you.

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You suck at life.

Ping isn’t an advantage to infinity.

Yet you can sense small, imperceptible PC differences….


Enjoy your 50ms ping


If I have 50 ms ping I leave the game because it’s ■■■■■■■ to play on.

Nordvpn has servers everywhere, choose cali and play on us east, go wild.

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I did last night.

45ms ping.

Got called a sponge, cheater, whatever.

It was great.

Go play on 20ms connection and see what wall bouncing gets you.

Oh, that’s right.

You can’t.

wow an idiot called an idiot an idiot. I’m impressed.

that’s my normal connection lmao

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thread about “extreme” lag

go play on 45ms


in 4 years, someone will have 15 ping.


don’t talk to me unless you’re 5 pinging

you’re bringing the whole lobby down


This, right?

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I agree, 20 ping?! Man I’d be wondering why my Internet is broken. I have fiber, if I don’t see ping between 1 and 8 I’m unhappy.

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In fairness, since you seem slow, extreme lag and extreme ping aren’t the same thing.

Games can be very much a lag fest at 45ms.

Settle down! Jesus!

Don’t get yourselves so wound up, you’re all terrible hominids in your own unique ways.

You type 3-6 word sentences; with 1/4 of a point. Here is a post of yours just talking bout ping, since you seem slow.