What are flusher type enemies?

So Im trying out this weeks hive and one of the modifiers is

Poison Flushers
Flusher type enemies create a poison puddle on death

WTF is a flusher type enemy TC??

They are normal enemies that leave red poison when they die. The poison is similar to the red stuff left behind by Carrier projectiles.

Not what Im asking

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Juvies and Leeches.


Thank you. I just found it weird that TC worded it like that

Last time they had the “poison flusher enemies” it actually just said leeches and juvies

Map Builder says this. That’s how I know.


I’m pretty sure it is Trackers(both Shock and Frag) too but they’re only seen in Horde, so there’s no real telling if they’re considered that. I would, since they basically flush you out of cover temporarily… which is a concept I hate when the higher difficulties are balanced so atrociously you basically can hardly ever leave cover unless literally nothing is shooting at you or everything is dead, if you haven’t got absurdly high(80+ %) damage reductions. But that’s not strictly relevant to the topic so I’ll leave it there.

Edit : Actually, this(Flusher) also counts for Rejects because they also drop poison puddles on The Detour when killed.

Ive only used the map builder once at launch to get the achievement

Like I said its just weird that TC wrote it like that this time but not last time

You can identify flusher type enemies by the toilet seat around their necks and the plunger on their heads.

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