What are best level methods for solo?

i want to max everything. what is the fastest way to level a pve class, the fastest method of grinding cards and the fastest way to hit prestige LX? i mainly play pvp but everyone just bot walks so i might aswell play real bots.

Probably Surge runs.


Ok here it goes.

In gears 5 xp is gained by time spent playing.

Pvp is :dog::poop: for general reup lvl xp.

Escape is the best way to gain class, reup xp and cards.

There are different “best” ways to gain the 2 different types of xp.

For class xp most (new) people just play the clock hive on master and reload until you get the juvie spawn and then all you do is run to the 1st safe room and restart act. Do this for 25mins, any longer and you get less xp.

For reup xp the best way is by getting max ribbons in escape or going for the 1st blood ribbon on lethal engagements hive, for 1st blood farming start on master and execute the 1st enemy, pause the game go to restart act then when the screen goes black return to lobby.

You can also idle horde as jack and go afk and get good xp but again there is a cap on how long you will gain xp, think its 2 to 3 hour.

For cards most people run the surge on insane as all you do is just run through the hive, you can always ask for a good nomad and run the decent hive as this is three acts you will get more cards.

Also play the dailys.

Theres also a search function top right of the screen, try this.




On a minute-by-minute basis, and for across-the-board gains (XP, CXP, skill cards), this is the best method. It’s easily done using all classes. Solo can be a bit of a bum as some classes aren’t as suited for this (lack of damage resistance buffs for example), so better to do this with at least one other player (which gives benefits of other players drawing fire; and being able to revive one another, whereas on solo once you’re down you die).

Set difficulty to Insane and leave out More Lethal and More Scions (so all other 5 mutators are turned on). The whole hive is basically an exercise in running with minimal fighting. In act 1, take the left side path and run; and in act 2 take the right path (although people have reported that act 2 is just as easily done going left, but more people seem to take the right path so it’s just easier to go with the flow for the sake of grinding).

Players will get 4 skill cards for completion if they started the game (as oppsoed to joining midway). Including loading times etc it, a single run can be done in about 5 minutes. Obviously if everyone has a Series X then loading times will be quicker.

With the other two mutators, it will make it alot more difficult so I wouldn’t bother adding anymore on - so stick with Insane. It’s doable as a speedrun on Inconceivable and Master, but only with specific classes and requires them to have certain cards unlocked anyway, and is much much harder.

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Just add the dailies on Incon difficulty (frenzy or escape) when there are gold card garanteed.
Incon difficulty is usually ok. Although it will be longer than Surge speedrun, it is worthy when you are sure to get gold card.

Yeah some of the dailies and weeklies give massive rewards and are relatively easy. The Mines (this week) for example will give you a total of 22 cards for your first run on master difficulty if you hit the target time (which is super easy), and its one of the easier hives. Obviously for inexperienced players it will come across as moderate-hard, but it gets easier as players learn and improve and have levelled up classes. The only minor issue with The Mines is that there are no ammo boxes or supply rooms in act 2 so theres a bit of resource management involved to ensure you’re topped up at the saferoom.

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