What an aimbot in osok looks like

Here’s what it looks like.

  1. Has to be a PC player (xbox is not capable.) - check
  2. Look for the snap barrel firing. - check
  3. Die a lot - check
  4. Guaranteed the ■■■■■■ will teabag you after every ‘kill’. - check

Didn’t watch the whole thing but in the interest of fairness, you can’t judge snap aiming by your perspective, you have to see them do it on the death cam.
Not saying this person wasn’t cheating but the motion of other players from your perspective isn’t smooth enough to say they snapped to aim. It’s only when you’re watching their screen that you can tell.

If they were cheating, I hope they get banned for life.

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I can tell you that it isn’t a primary acct which is a big indicator. My guess is they were testing it out on a smurf…

Anyone who has been in a game with me knows that I’m pretty much unstoppable in OSOK. At worst I will go toe to toe with another good player. This guy wasn’t good, he was impossible. I have made two cheater reports, including this one, the entire year I’ve played.

There is zero chance he is legit. I put my entire reputation on that. TC is looking into it at least so hopefully the ban hammer is swift.


Glad they’re looking into it. :+1:

I saw him miss some shots.
That’s a pretty poor aim bot.


In some screens I saw he was on 189 ping.

That could be another issue. Most of the time he shot you when you were behind cover from your POV. from their POV you might be aiming.

PS: I am not judging if he is aimbot or not. Just saying Ping is another factor to consider.


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Totally a legit player here. Blindfiring with 100% accuracy is not enough reason to suspect he is a cheater. Innocent until proven guilty.



Are they looking into it? Every time I report cheaters to them I get no replies so am I doing something wrong? Do they not check forum PMs?

Thats sad people would resort to aimbot for this challenge. 50 headshots are not many and it takes at most 7 matches to complete the challenge.

Yes, they stated they are. Submit to them on twitter.

Not saying he is hacking or not, but it’s a little difficult to see with everything sped up a bit. Most of the blindfires looked legit except for the mid ranged one by Boltok midway through the clips, but his long ranged hard aims looked a bit fishy. Could be his ping is 200ish so that’s just your PoV with his lag compensation God Mode. Then again he is a non re-up level 50 pulling these shots off, so he may have been banned before

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every time he got popped he was doing something stupid. when you see the final clip he heads hotted the “aimbotter”. even the worst aimbotter would have heads hotted you for peeking a millisecond I promise.

Even if he is, not saying he is as i’ve seen some insane players. But if he’s on Pc, not much can be done. He’ll just keep making accounts.

It’s pretty pathetic how people will go so far to cheat in this game.

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FFs i dont know whats wrong with people and why a few are replying as sceptic when if they were up against it they would say it was an aim bot. Ive played against aimbotters and I know that as they had there account banned. This player I swear I saw in maybe the 4th kill wasnt even looking at ya, that was impossible.
What a scumbag

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Because I’ve had people accuse me of the same thing many times even though I’ve never cheated and would never want to. I’ve also seen a lot of people post videos of “cheaters” that weren’t actually cheating.
You sound like you already have your mind made up and that everyone accused is guilty. Pardon me for being open minded.

I can’t speak for anyone else but I use the term in exceedingly rare cases. I’ve only made 2 official reports with submitted footage in the entire time I’ve owned/played the game. The footage may or may not convince some, but actually being in the game would for sure.

There is also a 3rd ‘unofficial’ ongoing issue with one particular group of PC players that are toxic garbage in every sense of the word but if they don’t toggle on then they aren’t that difficult to take on - I usually just avoid them which isn’t hard unless it’s 2AM.

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Are you referring to those fine gentleman we ran into the other night?

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