What am i supposed to do please?

Sitting in a room waiting to find other players…

As I’m typing this it’s been over 9 minutes and I can’t leave this room or get a penalty.

In all seriousness TC, what am I supposed to?

Play a different game?

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What country, what game mode?
People act like these things are secrets when they are usually the answer to the problem.

Now 15 minutes, I’m backing out f this!

Us East coast, dodgeball… Sorry

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Dodgeball is pretty dead right now. Those waits are longer than I’d expect during peak hours but it’s not entirely surprising.

I still get TDM and KOTH in under a minute during peak. Guardian is doable until around 11pm,then it’s a matter of luck and you’ll usually play the same teams several times.

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If you haven’t joined the game itself yet and you are just waiting to find a game - you will not be penalized. This error is erroneous.


if you do co-op vs you will always find a game. it’s where all the pros are right now too

I did back out and even tho i got the warning i did not get suspended… Thank you!

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