What about a Crimson Trinity Skorge for the store

A Crimson Trinity Skorge for the store please.

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I know that you are a collector but sometimes games have this kind of exclusive skins.

I like to get most of the skins too, but I know that:

A- I’m not a good PvP player

B- I don’t want to “spend” hours chasing something that maybe at the end I can’t get.

C- Imagine what will be the reaction of the players who spend their time to get this if they see that in 4 months this skin can be purchased.

Now if it’s a Collector Crimson Trinity Skorge, no problem.

(Speaking of collector, I still hope that TC create/have the collector mechanic Mac).


That would defeat the purpose of the Trinity Skorge skin, as it’s supposed to be unique.

I would also prefer more unique content in general, including unique characters available for purchase. Not rehashed already existing skins.

I get that the Trinity Skorge is tied to the leader board and I accept that I’ll never earn it but a collectors version or “cope version” as I like to call them isn’t such a crazy idea. At least we’d tell who grinded for the skin and who threw bank at the other.

I feel like a collector’s version would still look too similar

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How so? All the other collectors editions have been wildly different in color schemes with heavy emphasis on team color mixed with gold. I can tell a Palace Guard/Collectors Palace Guard apart no problem.

Didn’t they kind of do this with other skins that were exclusive to certain bundles or tour of duty rewards but eventually got put in the store as a separate coin purchase?

They did that on OP4, but not with every skin tho. The Red Speaker is still exclusive to every player that completed the Tour of Duty on OP 2.

But the criticism to the store made them change their mind and they put every exclusive skin from OP1 to the store.

The palace guard skin wasn’t exclusive to begin with.

Any variant of the trinity skorge skin is gonna undermine the exclusivity of the original.
This will cause people to be less motivated to grind for the prize and just opt for the version you can just buy.
TC would effectively remove the rewarding feeling of participating in the competitive playlist that they were trying to bring back.

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This skin is little more than a declaration of having an unhealthy amount of free time to invest into Gears.

8 years ago and it’d already be mine…

The point of me using the Palace Guard as an example was to show how different in color scheme the two were. Not how exclusive they were. I guess I kinda see the second point but I’m just saying I don’t think it’d be that big of a deal if they end up doing a store version of the skin.

I hope that because people are complaining about it that magically the character will look cool.

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I guess if you paid attention during a confrontation you would maybe notice a difference between the two.

Better example they could have used would have been Winter Marcus and Collector’s Winter Marcus… again neither was exclusive, but a much better example for their point.

Also to your 2nd point, that hasn’t stopped them before… I stopped caring about Heroic Venom and Heroic Ascendant because I could just buy the much better Heroic Crystal lol… not saying you’re wrong, I understand it shouldn’t be that way, but just pointing out an example that they didn’t seem to care about that.

They’ll probably hand him out sooner or later to everyone.

I can’t wait to see the outrage if TC gives everyone the Samurai Kantus at some point lol

Yeah, that sh*t sucked - pretty disappointing when you can just outright buy a nearly identical version of the reward skins. :crying_cat_face:

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I want my outsider kait back

If you couldn’t tell the difference between a red palace guard with a full gold one then I dont know what else to say. It’s not like they only changed a speck of dirt between the two variants.

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I thought my example was fine.


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