What abilities will the upcoming Heroes to have?

I’m not a fan of Hero shooters. But that’s what we’re stuck with for now, and it won’t change until Gears 6. So let’s make the most of it, and ask ourselves:

What abilities will Cole, Baird, Clay, and Paduk have? What about Lizzie, and the Onyx Guard, and COG Gears?

Here’s the only guesses I have:


Passive: carry heavy weapons faster, and carry extra heavy ammo.

Ultimate: either a free self-revive, or the ability to become invincible for a few seconds.


Passive: literally the same as Del. Move fortifications faster, buy and repair cheaper.

Ultimate: call in a free Guardian? Either that or a brief Hammer of Dawn beam.

That’s all I’ve got.

There was a leaked image of Lizzie, Paduk, and COG Gear as Escape Heroes. Makes me wonder. I can’t find that image now, though.

I’m not sure that they won’t just recycle hero abilities with new characters. Maybe a little change like ultimate, but there will eventually be too many characters for each to have their own cards, passives, ultimates, etc.

Yeah, that’s why I think Baird’s passive will be the same as Del’s.

I think Cole’s passive will be the same as Kait’s, too.

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I think Clayton will be a class heavy. As for ult maybe no cool down for heavy weapons or increase rate of fire.

Lizzie screams mechanic. And her alt probably something explosive or similar to Del

If they add COG gears or Onyx, which i hope, they probably be classed as soldiers with an ult that probably sets their ammo to active reload for a duration or increase health like a tank.

Baird mechanic and like Del ult but with Shepards i think. Or maybe a hammer of dawn strike.

Paduk Here you go and these characters should’ve been here on launch and this leaked pic was from around E3.