What a normal day of Gears 5 looks like


Lol yeah this has been happening since the beginning.

The glitches are amazingly beautiful

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I had a Scion teleport a good 15 meters in plain sight. Didn’t appear to be lag.

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The Ai be cheating like no other especially the DR-1s the salvo ones can shoot and melee it’s cheap

I am working on uploading a video as we speak of the cheating Scion.

Yes expose that scion I hate em :joy:

I know when i play ranked my head usually explodes in real life

Roughly the 1:48 mark is where it happened.

Hahaha. To quote JD
"Oh, man. That sucks for you.
Me and my friend had another dumb moment ever that warden because restarted and the venom counter was going down while we were still placing the bomb In the intro

I remember saying “What the ■■■■? That Scion just teleported!”

Lol I could tell because this game likes to bring out the worst of us

Needless to say, it was quite the surprise.

Now I gotta look out for stuff like that

I was executed by a scion … that was halfway across the map. He like force chocked me all the way from my base to where he was it was so wierd :rofl:

Reminds me of when I saw a locked away Warden on Labyrinth execute a downed teammate when we were near the saferoom and there was several walls between us and it.

I’ve had that happen but on a smaller scale. I was maybe 10feet away.