What a mess! Heeeeelp

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It’s almost 2 weeks , since the re-up update that my account doesn’t work… its extremely frustrating as im missing out on all the dailies, the free boost, not able to complete my last medals as i missed out on completing the torque bow event and now about to miss out on the last 2 medals that were recently added… Hope that they fix my account ( Dracks67) and they should give some sort of compensation for all the trouble.


@DRACKS67 you should have finished the torque bow medal long b4 the re-up changes. If you hit up @TC_Kilo1062 he.can fix your account easily. Have you dropped a ticket or messaged anyone b4 tonight? Or have you just been silently praying for two weeks?

I have filed a ticket… only an automatic reply right after i sent it came my way saying it could take 14 days without counting weekends and holidayz . As far as the torque bow event goes the update was on the same day but came out earlier. Torque bow event came out at 1 pm and the update messes up my game 2 or 3 hours later. I was still able to complete 3/4… the damage medal got stuck at 40k damage out of 50k. I wasnt working on that day otherwise i would n’y have been able to complete any of these.

@DRACKS67 i was just trolling you. Get @TC_Kilo1062 He will fix it for you. Send him a message.

I did earlier.Thanks . He must have a life and be off on the weekend.Hope he can fix my medals too. Gotta patient i guess.

Should be fixed now @DRACKS67, apologies!

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Cool thank you :pray::grinning:

@TC_Kilo1062 @TC_Shauny I am experiencing a similar issue. I just recently re-upped about a week ago. Not sure of the exact date. Once I reached level 70, all progress stopped. No exp, no mission completion, nothing.

It is entirely frustrating, and the online support ticket only offered that I reinstall the game and restart my console. I have done both, to no avail.

Gamertag is XanderA0k.