What a Complete Mess... I'm a 1272 Tier Player huh? 😩

I’m completely gutted by how this game has just consistently killed my rankings and continues to knock me down in overall tier points.

When I first played Gears 5 I grinded my way beyond 18,450 which would be Diamond 1 with the current system/player population. So many times I’ve been obliterated with losing points which I would grind my way back up over and over, but this just takes the cake

With my current tier points and ranking, there is no way I should be topping the lists, getting kills, getting MVP, winning rounds.

In this game I dominated and we only had 4 players. We won and all I get is measly 200 points. Given my ranking, this should have been + 1000 games considering I’m playing silvers, Golds, etc.

It would take me close to 100 games of straight domination to get anywhere near the top rankings again. A player with measly 1272 tier points would be considered an extremely bad player/noobie. This is a complete joke.

I would have to be one of the worst-hit players in this game regarding this ranking system.

I asked you this in your last thread about this and you ignored me… But would you please post your stat image for the game mode in question from https://gears5.com/stats ?

As I said before, I’m trying to gather data from people who are having this problem to see if there’s a pattern.

You have nothing to lose by sharing them. If they reflect well on you, it’ll just prove your point even further.

I do agree that the ranking system has a lot of bugs and such btw, and losing points in that match is silly.


Honestly I’m not gonna read it all.

I’m just letting you know I was Diamond in Gears 4, for almost a year straight.

Then I escaped the delusion that Gears would ever be like 3 again and quit playing.


On a real note, I’m Silver on Gears 5. I just walk around looking at the air holding “RT” or swinging my smoke.

I’d rather play in Silver then Diamond anyway.

Rank has never and will never mean anything in Gears or Gears of War.

Play to enjoy or just quit.

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He makes multiple threads on this issue but refuses to post his stats. This is the second thread he has made where he has ignored my request to do so.

I think that says everything. If the ranking system truly is robbing him, his stats will prove it.

It makes all the sense in the world to post them to add weight to his claim. If he has high stats and is in bronze, that will be the piece of validation needed to prove be is being screwed by the rank system.


Tc is testing our patience because everyone is complaining but they truly have no idea what gears means to us. They have no idea how to make a proper versus mode so i hope they all get fired

I don’t need to prove anything regarding my stats. My stats aren’t horrenoudous. They are solid for someone who has played well over 1000 games of TDM on Gears 5 and has found a true average.

Majority of people with high stats have played a measly 50 games.

My stats have me in the top 20% for kills, K/D, and score per minute and I’m #6 globally for most wins. I don’t need to post them.

If my stats cleared again i too would be top 10% easily for everything after 10 games then i’ll call it quits with an ego trip.

If your stats are high, why are you refusing to post them? Just show them already.

I’ll post mine first if it would make you more open to doing it. It’s not a big deal. It shows the bigger picture of your overall performance. I have friends in silver and such who I could then compare your stats to, we can also compare your stats to my stats.

Again, I’m not calling you out or questioning your skill. I want to see if your stats are higher or lower than my friends who are in silver. I’m trying to gather an overall picture here.

Here are mine:

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Yeah you see it’s easy to just say things, but without providing proof there’s no reason for anyone to
believe you. Also I can tell you right now top 20% is not diamond, top 5-8% is generally onyx/diamond.

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If you don’t mind me asking, if top 5-8% is onyx/diamond, do you know what it is for the lower tiers? Thanks

Not sure how it is for Gears 5, but I vaguely remember in Gears 4 the rank tiers by population were around:

Bronze: ~40% pop.
Silver: ~25% pop.
Gold: ~20% pop.
Onyx: ~10% pop.
Diamond: ~5% pop.

Not sure how true this is for Gears 5 ranking, but if you compare it to say N3WB’s stats it mostly lines up.

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heres mine to help you out i dont get to play alot cuz of the tod challenge ones are always horde or escape smh and i hate those modes but i want to finish the tod anyway two times i have lost 1k points by winning and not showing on the score and the last time was at 13k to 11k with a win and getting for that win just 266 points i hardly lost in that mode but i cant really rank up some how some games i win a 4v5 and i get -600 points or even when i get mvps now i dont get them to often cuz i play mostly support and helper role i sometimes forget that i have to play selfish for kills anyway i have played at least a game or two a day when i can sometimes i skip a day or just play execution and highest rank was 2% sliver 2 then thats when i lost all those points anyway sorry for the long post let me know what else you need ooh i was onyx 2 to diamond 1 in gears 4…

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Thanks for sharing. That lines up with my friends stats in a lot of areas.

It seems the biggest areas to push through the ranks (for you and in general) are to get your:

  • score per minute up (this plays large part)
  • k/d helps a ton and you get huge gains when you’re extremely positive in a match (1.7+ k/d in a match). Getting your overall k/d up too makes a difference. Going 11-9 or 11-11 will hurt your point gains for instance.
  • kills per min (even 1.0 is fine)
  • eliminations per min. If you could push that up by .1 points to 1.2, it’d help.

In that order. I know that none of what I said is going to be easy, but it’s what got me where I am.

Some tips:

  • Not pushing a guy on a wall if he can up+a you and out smarting them instead.
  • Not rushing when you know it’s going to be 1v3 against you. Sometimes you’re being pushed and don’t have a choice of course.
  • not rushing to finish a down if support suddenly arrives. You’ll generally get lancered down, retreat a bit or hold your position. Use the downed guy as bait. There are some exceptions of course.

Tactics can win out against players with better aim or technical skills. I’m 33 years old, pushing 34 and have terrible carpal tunnel in one hand.

I can’t always out flick/reaction shot a younger guy with no carpal tunnel… So I have to outsmart them, and put them at a disadvantage so my slow/painful hand doesn’t have to work as hard.

Try the mind games, it’s fun and very rewarding.

Best of luck!


Now check out this image.

In this game, i went 16-7and finished second with most points, but the performance aside checks out the total skills points for both sides.

Now I only have 1386. This would mean all for players on my side are masters with 20,000. But here’s the problem with my tier points plus my team skill points if they were all masters, there is still 1954 unaccounted for.

The team i played given there total skill points would have them in the range of Between Golds and Diamond 1. Given my good performance, my rankings and tier points I should have gone up hundreds if not thousands.

It’s clear that all these stats people believe it’s built on doesn’t work.

Here take a look. I’ve played well over 1000 games. The guy above is a silver 2. I’m a bronze 2 with only 1396 tier points. I have silver 2 guy beaten in PPM, Kills Per Minute, Eliminations and #6 in the world for wins. My KD was 1.20 but some games due to my ranking just being killed I just stopped trying. But i can easily build that well beyond 1.20 once the rankings are fixed.

FYI my score, Kills and Elim are slowly going up as well since i’ve adjusted my game play and given another 1000 games should be in top 10% for everything.

My first 50 games i was below 10% for everything but when you play over 1000 games everything begins to even out a little more. My rankings provide a much better insight due to the shear number of games i’ve played. So my stats can’t be compared to someone who’s played 20 games, 50 games or even 100 games.

The fact that the guy above is silver 2 and my stats are better shows that i should not be Bronze . At worse I’m in gold. Next 1000 games i should pulled ONYX. But my stats are a true average given the quantity of games i play and the fact I’m very consistent.

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I had a whole reply ready, but then you finally posted the stats. Thank you.

Whilst those stats aren’t currently at diamond level, they’re certainly far away from bronze. K/d and kills per min are a bit low, but being honest, as your stats stand, I feel you should at least be in gold 1.

So you’ve proved your point now, just by posting that one image. Why did you resist so hard?

Because i know that yes my stats prove a point. But they should only be compared to someone who’s played the shear amount of games as me.

I’ve played enough games to know that the ranking system is screwed and as you said the fact i’m bronze with 1396 tier points is a joke.

My stats show consistency. Due to the shear number of TDM games played, i’ve encountered hugh number of problems such as 1-2-3-4 droppouts in game, bad players, ping, loss of connection, campy games, other dominate players on your team and stacked teams, so on and so forth so had to adjust many times how i play to win the game. So many stats can be affected due to this.

But i know my level and i know my stats don’t reflect how good i truly am. I just want a fair ranking system that actually works.

I can see how your rank would have been totally screwed if you were playing ranked from day one. I waited a few weeks to avoid the usual release bug BS.

Until they added those fixes for when players quit on your team, you would get totally screwed and it was nearly every game before the quit penalties got implemented.

The only thing I disagree on is the stats going down the more you play. Mine have continued to climb. If they’re going down, that shows inconsistency.

Like you said though, you probably haven’t been giving 100% due to being so demoralised due to your rank. So naturally they would go down.

All I can say is that I hope they sort this out ASAP. Silver needs to be for silver players. Not a mix of silver > onyx (or above) players.

That’s part of the problem, you have to literally do better than all those (silver > onyx or above) players who are stuck in silver to get out of it (I know you pretty much have).

In reality, it shouldn’t be like that. I don’t think that TC think there’s anything wrong though, despite that section on their status page.

Good luck and keep fighting the good fight. The only way is pretty much up for you at this stage.

But as said my stats have actually gone up definatly over past couple hundreds games. i.e score, kills, and elim. Yes KD dropped off but the tier points which have been in a continual downhill spiral can demoralize you and affect your gameplay.

9/10 games now it’s negative teir points. Soon i’ll be bronze 1 and 0 tier points. I don’t know anyone that’s been affected this bad.

I’ve stopped giving a rats now and just play for wins to stay in top 10 for TDM.

Me nether. I’ve had a friend go down to bronze 3, but your stats are far higher than his.

You have my sympathy man, for what it’s worth

lol i started day one on it with all the drops in games was getting -300 to -1000 points even on wins and even if they where on my team that drop stood the same lol i posted about a long time ago lol. i never die more then 6 to 9 a match on my bad games its more that i help out on cross fire then go in and get the kills myself i forget that i need to get real kills also and i play old school school also if you down them i wait for you to come and get the kill i dont steal non even when they steal mine lol.but i get what you saying once im done on tod im going hardcore on it and just focus on that…
my best mode i really love is execution and the 2v2 they added on 4…and i play with randoms all day long lol

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