Were to setup shop?

I’m tired of playing mostly Forge and Blood Drive. I was wondering though. On some of the lesser used maps what are some good spots to setup your base? Detailed descriptions or a map picture with a circle are appreciated. I just don’t want to join a lobby on a map I am unfamiliar with as engi and not know where to build.

Where do you build on
Ice Bound
and last but certainly not least, Pahanu.


C-anals, I believe you can set up on either end past the bridge. Have a guy on the bridge itself too. Use a sentry or two and some barriers, you should be good to go.

Thanks, I could use some hints too. Had success with randoms on a small handful of maps, but had a bad experience yesterday on Harbor frenzy. Everyone set up near that piece of cover by the spawn. It went ok for the first few waves, but we got overrun pretty early on. It was embarrassing honestly.

The most important thing to keep in mind when building a base is lane blocking (with fabricator) and influencing spawns with said fabricator.


Most obvious setup as at one of the two spawns, though I have definitely seen a setup work where you use fabricator to block one side of either bridge and your team guards the bridge instead. You don’t really need too many fortifications on this map as Engineer, you can get away with humble or conservative fortifications and be just fine. Del/Baird are both solid picks as Engineer, Baird is probably much better if you are setting up in one of the two bridges, whereas Del is probably much better at spawn.


I’ve only ever seen successful runs guarding one of the two towers on opposing sides, you want to block one lane (the one that faces Dropshot spawn) with fabricator, then the next thing you want to do is to place a level 3 barrier on the catwalk upstairs (the one that connects the two towers) to block enemies from coming that way, aside from that its just typical level 1/2 barriers and weapon lockers depending on which you think is best.


I have seen multiple setups on this map, most players attempt to setup at spawn, although this is certainly doable it is also not the best spot in my opinion because Kestrels/Sentinels can easily wipe your whole team no problem, the best spot on this map is easily the middle area. You block one side with Fabricator, then they (with exception to Juvies/Sires) can only come in one way, this is ultimately much much easier than anywhere else simply because Kestrels are enormous pain in the backside for most teams to deal with.


This map is tricky, seems to have a good variety of enemy spawns to contend with, you want to setup at the Snipe tower that everybody spawns at, the one with more cover, you then want to block one of the paths with Fabricator (you may decide which) and everything after that is just the good old barrier/locker placement. This map is easily the one I’ve played the least on (up there with Bunker, hate the way they look). Baird is superior Engineer on this map due to long sightlines.


This map is easily one of the more challenging maps for a variety of reasons; first of all, you gotta setup very liberally on this map, I’m talking easily over 10 barriers, there are always like 4 different lanes enemies come through no matter where you set up at, but yeah either side (the one with the broken bridge or the one with all them fireflies I think) is fine. I highly recommend Baird on this map, Del can of course do it but requires lots more micromanaging/repairing then the other ones probably do. Pahanu/Dam are probably the two most challenging maps in Horde right now, long sightlines (meaning they can shoot you from many different directions), multiple lanes (requiring lots of fortifications), and just the sheer difficulty with waves 1-10 in particular is sorta what makes these two maps stand out as the hardest in my eyes. Nothing you can’t handle :wink:

Any more questions? :nerd_face:


Just one. We might have to update our ways when they change the fabricator. I heard in a What’s Up they want to prevent it from blocking hallways. Just means more lvl 3-4 barriers to guard the back way into the base.

that wasn’t in a What’s up, that was something one of the TC devs was talking about in the latest dev stream, its not guaranteed that they’ll do it, but I am certain they’ll probably come up with something to prevent lane blocking via fab.

The only map I know of where that makes any real difference is Pahanu because the Fabricator was a really great form of cover on that map, aside from that I just imagine you placing barriers there (instead of the fabricator) as the fabricator will likely become less viable in that way.

Also, level 3-4 barriers are awful, the only time I ever use them is to block off pieces of cover (place them right beside it) so that way enemies can’t mantle over it, aside from that I do use them occasionally as last lines of defense (say putting them on stairs leading up to tower on Icebound). Level 3-4 barriers are awful because they are super expensive and less durable than level 2 barriers are.

Fab blocking on certain maps can be OP. Like forge and blood drive.

Agreed. Most of the time I use several lvl 1-2 barriers in a box formation. The only time I used a lvl 3-4 barrier is usually inside the base covering our blind spots. On forge for example, many people block one entrance so they can focus on the other(myself included). Juvies and Sires can still get over that thing so I place a lvl 4 barrier at the top of the steps before you get into the center room. Usually with a sentry or 2 to kill whatever comes before it destroys the barrier. However this is much later in the game because of the cost for building a lvl 4 fence and a lvl 4 sentry. The only time I really use a lvl 3-4 fence is when I absolutely don’t want something getting in without me knowing it.