Were the Lancer Drones put in as a joke?

First I thought they were just the one annoying/broken enemy in an otherwise great lineup. However, I’ve been playing through the older games too and have noticed the Lancer Drones have no charge-up time for their chainsaws, can pull that ■■■■ out within a quarter second, get you from like 10 feet away, and generally have no counter. Now, in a game like Gears 2, it’s a bit acceptable because of its age and lack of refinement relative to 4. But it would seem that would have been fixed in 4 since this game’s mechanics are top notch. Were they put into Horde as a joke? If so, ha ha, I’ll stop getting mad. Otherwise, I guess I’ll keep wallowing. I love Horde 3.0 and those Drones are the only aspect that annoys me to no end.

Not put in as a joke.
Kinda more like giving a similar role or class variant to the Cyclops.

I guess you’re usually running about as a Scout?

Because really they’re the only players who should be that close…

Yeah haha. I usually keep my distance whenever I see them, but sometimes end up getting too close.

What cards do you use for Scout? Since I switched from Health Regen to Speed Boost I find that even if they rev, if I’m moving I can almost always get enough distance to null the execution.

Same ere.I only usually get close enough is if I’m scout and then I’m normally running about like a mad man.
Saying that I had been caught from behind a couple of times while looking for that last elusive bit of energy.

I was near a drone and i rolled away and he like magnetized me back to him and suddenly i was getting chainsawed… I almost think they should remove the ability to saw people considering in versus its always a kill trade when used against a gnasher and in horde mode it always seems cheap when they get you

Yeah that’s exactly what happens to me. I’ll jump away immediately as I see the Drone move out of cover or raise his Lancer and he still gets me. I’d say I’m able to get away like one or two times out of every ten attempts. Feels rare enough that they should make it a ribbon haha.

All that being said, since it’s happened so many times, it’s becoming second nature to shotty those ■■■■■■■■ from a distance no matter the situation. Still, it feels ultra cheap when it does happen.