Were,s my syndrome hamma burst skin ? i claimed it last night an still waiting for it to pop

why hasn’t. my syndrome hammer burst cleared. yet ?

I’m pretty sure it can take a few days to come. I don’t think it pops up isntantly.

the rest. of them

Mine didn’t show up until I entered and exited the customization menu several times

Mine showed up instantly. Did you get the “Congratulations” message after you hot the Submit Entry button. It’s not unusual for their to be a delay of the acknowledgment as everybody rushes to submit. If you close the browser, or app, before that message pops, you may not get the confirmation.

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I had minor troubles redeeming off mobile, finally got the confirmation message. Logged onto Gears to visually check and set the skin as my default.

Bye-bye Midnight Omen skin, you look damn good on the Hammy but the Syndrome skin is the new hotness

Just a FYI… When you claim a skin on live,gearsofwar.com using the Quest tab they do appear instantly, and if any issue use the link below.

Please check out this thread " Missing Gears Esports Weapon Skins? Post here!"

If you claimed the skin during the stream, and it didn’t appear you can post in that thread and someone will investigate. Please, make sure to read the entire details of the original post.

Thank you.