Were people complaining about the Markza?

I don’t understand this focus on markza tuning… sure, with 10 rounds it became a good rifle now, usable by normal players, but really? With all of those complaints about the lancer tuning, which affects everyone, every game, you decided that tweaking MAKRZA is what is needed?

I don’t remember seeing any big flood of complaints about that weapon…


Me neither OP,But have read that they are looking into other weapons,TC’s
main thread.(Our message for our players)

I saw 2 people on twitter complain about it but that’s about it.

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I don’t understand the tuning either. The Boltok is flat-out better now and it doesn’t cost a primary to pick up.

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Nope, never seen a com,plaint and I was just getting to like it as it is now (or was). My Only gripe was I was sure the zoom was better in GOW4

It was a problem in Arcade mode when the cog team fahz or sniper (swarm team) would use the markza for easy quick downs. They could shot you in the foot 3 times and you would get downed. Other then that I think that’s it.

If the Boltok is better that says a lot. I feel like the Boltok is the most inconsistent weapon in the game… at least for me.

I felt the Markza was fine. Never had a complaint about it and never once heard anyone cry about it either.

I think it’s because the autoaim makes it OP, in competitive I don’t think it’s as powerful

Without doubt Boltok hands down Best weapon pickup in game. All anyone needs to do is put some damage down and your in for a 1 shot head shot kill. Even without active will clear someone in 2 shots. If anything needs a look at I would have said it was the Boltok. It’s my go to weapon out of the blocks on all available maps.


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Yeah it’s ridiculous! Should’ve kept it quiet

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I would say it’s more powerful in competitive simply because support fire will enable the 1 shot head shot kill.

It happened in every gears:

in gears 2 after 6 update, we lose those “smoke nades”

in gears 3, retro lancer from beta was nerfed, then sawed off, then again after they launched the game, epic nerfed retro lancer and sawed off one more time

in judgmen they nerfed ink nades

in gears 4 we lose hammerbust and enforcer from quick play or join in progress, they becamen pick-up weapons

and then now in gears 5 I am afraid they are gonna nerf breaker, markza, lancer and melee


Lol markza was beast.
However I argue the claw is quint. Killed 12 players until ammo was depleted.

The mace needs tuning for sure and also visual feedback on AOE

just to please the gnasher fans…

The previous version of Markza was basically a power weapon.

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Judgement was the best Markza

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Nah there were very, very, few complaints about the markza,
After googling for a bit they seem to be limited to exclusivly a small group on twitter.Reddit and here had literally nothing.
The biggest tweet reacting to the markza update was at 70 likes, 2 retweets, so it seems to be a very small crowd interested in this in any way.

I’d guess it was really data driven or as was suggested on another thread on the recomendation of esport players and TC are just trying to spin it as listening ot the fans.
If thats not the case it implies that there is a small group of people with the power to get actual game changes, while the rest of us can just go jump.

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I use the Marksa a lot in horde. I find it lethal pretty much through most waves even at the higher difficulties as long as you are able to make headhshots. I suppose my only wish would be to give it a little more RT telescopic sight or zoom.

What I would really like to see for hoard would a be an actual sight put back on the salvo. I have a real hard time seeing the microscopic dot at the center of my screen as it gets mixed in with the background light and colors. Similar suggestion for the Dropshot.