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"We're listening" -TC

TC is always talking about how they’re listening but I don’t think they are. If TC were truly listening we would already have had the “Speedo Raam” skin we’re all dying for and the “Twerking Marcus” emote for Marcus. Step up your game, TC.

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They are listening. To all the crybaby PVP VS complainers. They make gnasher changes every week holding back real content for the game.


They’re holding back real content like Speedo Raam.

Esports Bikini Kait 2000 Iron.


That’s gross, who would want that?

Mankini Fahz. 3000 Iron.

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You’re only making me cry more

Hulk Hogan trunks Marcus. 5000 Iron.


They listen. :sweat_smile:

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Lizzy tioo

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We want more microtransactions such as speedo raam, twerking marcus and baird with peepee bounce physics


I’ll tell you something(unless it’s not your thing - it sure ain’t mine…) : Oscar had belly physics in Gears 4 according to some players. Never noticed myself but it’s apparently there. Go check it out when you’re already asking for the above. I’m sure you won’t come away mentally scarred for life from it.

Inb4 people start asking for a “Workout Kait” skin.

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You know what I love. I love the Loadout screen. I love seeing what they did to my baby boy.

I could choose a Hammerburst, a Retro, a Lancer. I could bring a gorgon or a snub. I could choose what I was. I could be what I wanted to be.

A fat ■■■■ who sits on a wall all game and pokes people from across the map with my Hammer.

But you people cried and whined. And you ruined the game. I have never seen a game remove things to promote less variety in gameplay.

And I have never seen a game struggle to make a shotgun. Holy hell. Does COD change it’s shotties? Does Halo change it’s shotties every week? Why can Battlefield make a shotgun and just let it be what it is?

Get a grip. I hate this weird new shotgun pattern where it always shoots the exact same way. The first time I saw that weird pattern in Gears 4 I was like… That’s not how shotguns work… I will never understand why people think that a game can be based around ONE gun. That is terrible game design.

They need to completely reboot this game’s combat system. Uncharted 4 totally destroys Gears 4 and 5 at this point. TLOU and Uncharted revamped and evolved it’s third person shooter mechanics, while Gears has stagnated and rode on the coat tails of Gears 3 for years.

No we don’t. I could live without any stupid skins and emotes. I want a little bit more important stuff like bug fixes and some real content (Story dlc or some new modes like beast).

So don’t talk about all of us. Some don’t care.

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You 're lying to yourself because deep down you know you want speedo raam & the twerking marcus emote