Were is lambent characters?

In the bundle I only see 3 cog and skorge. I thought there were 7 characters with lambent? Am I missing something?

They are mid operation, in the whats up today they said they are coming in the operation not right away.

right from the whats up today: “The Lambent Drone, Lambent Grenadier, and Lambent Theron Guard will make their way into Gears later this Operation. Stay tuned!”

Kinda dissapointed, they made it look like they where day one characters


Nice thanks for the info

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I believe if you were lucky you could have gotten in. i think it may have gotten released accidently for a short while. someone in private had a lambent drone and it radiates and glows bright. its extremely cool.

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Imulsion blood? :grimacing::pray:

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Is a bit sly they aren’t available from the off but hey ho,

Gotta grind for that raam skin at the end of the tour looks real good :fire:

and the characters with iron, pfff, tc destroy the op 5