Welp, feel free to tell me good riddance. Quitting game

Game is trash

You can’t logically claim the game plays better with 4v4…

And then turn around and make social KOTH…

4v4 with 2 mandatory BOTS!!!

You just destroyed your whole reasoning.

What type of devs are these?

That doesn’t make sense.

Why would playing against BOTS make for a good experience?.. What other multi-player game wants this?

4v4 does nothing other than make this a completely one dimensional game again.

We are right back to gnasher only and power weapons.

Same maps over and over.

River, plays like crap as everyone should have known(not including PVE in that).

Game play is just too limiting this way.

The new maps regency and nexus are too large to only have 4 players on it.

Just… You are bad at making games.

You are retuning a game over a year after release.

Just bad at your jobs.


When it comes to bots, I’m pretty sure it’s because of how insanely popular coop vs AI is. Seriously, that mode you will always find a match in no matter where you are in the world (I live in Japan and I find matches in like five seconds, to where any other mode takes 2-5 minutes.)

As for you leaving, It was an honor to work alongside you as a gear interactive. Although i never met you in game or out of it, I can tell that you care enough to not see the brutal collapse of such a franchise happen and as such, I will carry on until the end in order to relate when the end is now and history is made. Thank you for your support and should you return, remember the name for it will be known as the eyes that saw the beginning and the end.

Someone play track seven and salute this man on his honorable discharge!


Coop vs ai isnt actually popular really… Lobby wait times are just very quick because skill or ping isnt a factor when it comes to matchmaking. Essentially it just throws you in a game, indiscriminate of every other factor normally present.

Well since you asked.

Good riddance.


Says the guy who has to pay to win in his games and has to spend a lot of money on the same type of game every year just for updated rosters.

I’m going to pretend you didnt ignorantly tell me something you aren’t so sure about just because I said something representable but questionable.

All in all the deed is done. Let’s see what comes next.


Lol ive never touched a sports game in my life my friend.

Dunno why youre being so rude. I was just pointing something out. Maybe i should report you :frowning_face:

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Do as you wish, randomly pointing something out just because you want to on a forum discussion for someone LEAVING THE GAME opens you to a certain degree of criticism. If you cannot cope with that criticism but give criticism in cope, then You obviously don’t understand the concept of discussions.

Why would you randomly name yourself that if that’s not something you do???

Why are you doing random acts for attention???

Me confused greatly. Me go now.


Why leave on the best op the game has had…the maps are beautiful the movement is cool if they dont change …gaurantee they change it back to 5v5 almost can positively confirm this…maybee…but maps and movement are sick having sooo much fun this op…game finally just got good and I’ve been playing g5 since the start

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Goooood bye and good riddance !

would be better if you included some sort of mention to 4v4, which seems to be the real reason you’re quitting, in your title. to draw attention that is.

4v4 takes too much dynamic away for a mode like koth. esca and grid are great 4v4 though.