Well what can one say?

A follower of Gears front the start and now to be handed a purchased ultimate edition gears that does not work!

Unable to play any mode in its entirety without countless freezes, disconnections unregistered achievements, collectables the list goes on and on :(. Where was the quality control for this game? I fear that there was next to zero QC on this shambles before release.

To release a game with this pedigree in the state that it is has I fear made the Gears franchise a absolute laughing stock of the game community , well bloody done!!!

I sit here wanting to play with my fellow gears players with an ‘Ultimate Edition’ case and CD that does not work, let down is an understatement.

The Case and CD is worth more in scrap value than the game it’s supposed to play!

P**s poor show guys, disgusted and feeling let down and ripped off!

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Pretty much sums up how I feel too. Bitterly disappointed, bought three physical ultimate editions to play with my family this weekend, didn’t turn out well at all. Very ppor imo, the game looks good, the story was ok, but nothing works properly. Still waiting for achievements to unlock.