Well this is just great

After having crossplay on for Gear 5’s entire lifecycle, thanks to the badgering from people like @III_NEN_III and @SnubbS, I finally turned crossolay off earlier this week. Now TC is like “Lulz nah breh.”
At least I’m used to it I guess


I’ve always had mine on.

I faced probably the best player I ever went up against & he was just some pc dude who probably never played esports or was ever in the competitive ranked scene.

I’ve never heard or seen this person ever in my gears of war life but he existed.

The best player I’ve ever played against was @Krylon_Blue . He seems super humble about his skill but I’ve never been able to beat him.

Like a janitor who is secretly a black belt & the most bad dude you’d ever come across , hidden in playing site.


Yup, that’s the homie. I remember back when he was on console lol


Did i get that right?? Crossplay will be permanent on?? We will be forced to play with or against PC players???




Some people are still in shock



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Jajajaja ez

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You’ll be fine, all games do that mows days

Ah, back in the day when I played consistently and could hit shots off a bounce. Those days are long gone, lol. I was actually a console gamer until a few years ago so and I still use a controller.

But I was never the best. I was a solid D4 in Gears 4 and easily Masters in Gears 5 even before the ranking system became a participation award. But there are so many that have always been better than me with the main name coming to mind which is @TSU_Silent. This guy is an absolute beast who gets reported by the whole enemy team constantly because they think he cheats. :joy:

Thank you for the compliment though! You were quite nasty yourself. Honestly whether I won or lost against you wasn’t through fault of your own. I remember having to sweat like hell against you on our battles.

@TC_Clown, your crew wasn’t that difficult and I was rusty as hell. :yum:


I don’t think you could find someone who hates playing against clickers more than me, at the same time, I don’t really care about this change very much. Having PC players in your lobby ruins the overall experience win or lose, but I just don’t believe that there are enough of them to where every game I’ll be playing against them.

Plus in a few weeks I’m getting 1gig up/down fibre optic, so that’s going to help.

No it’s not.

It really isn’t.

Lol, sorry to break it to you. I have had Gigabit Fiber for almost 4 years and it doesn’t matter. Mostly because gaming uses mere Kbps.

Downloads will be great though.

I have a theory that my ping will improve and thats where the advantage is going to come from. Going from 70 to 35 felt like I was on a new game, so hopefully going from 35 to 1-9 will do the same.

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Depending on the line quality and ISP you may see a reduction in ping but that’s an unknown until you are up and running. I switched back on Gears 4 from Xfinity to my Fiber and the ping lowered by 20ms or so. But my experience actually got worse because of those ping spikers I played against. :rage:

It’s whatever though. Who is the ISP you’re switching to?

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It’s a local telephone company ISP, right now I’m on their best DSL package.

You may see a difference then due to stability.

I went from Cable to Fiber so it wasn’t much of s difference if any stability wise.

Hopefully the new ISP is good.

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Yeah, stability didn’t change when I upgraded to Gb fiber.

However, the server’s predictions somehow feel exponentially worse when my ping is a 1-3 in contrast to when it was a 20-32 with cable anytime a 100+ping is in the match. It’s odd as the ping is only marginally betterwith fiber.

Rubberbanding and dry firing gnasher issues seem to increase and I get updated far less often. (83% damage reports are more frequent so I just die and the other guy runs away beet red most of the time)

Def need to rematch. It wasn’t my regular squad anyways.

raises hand I never thought they’d do this considering a big chunk of the pop actively turned it off,

But it is what it is. The only part I’m still annoyed at is them hiding who is on PC,

“Yeah, we know PC has an advantage over most of the consoles out there and even more so if they’re using mouse, but we just want you to pretend you’re all on an even playing field!”

It’s dumb, but whatever. I’ll try it out , give my feedback, and hopefully they do the right thing for Gears 6 and make it input-based so there is some semblance of balance.


I mean, given the size of the population, I doubt this will happen; although I wish it would.