Well.... that's not good

If an entire area is affected then chances are it will be fixed because of the sheer amount of people that will complain/leave.

But either way, without testing it out for yourself, you won’t actually know how it is, especially if your just going off what you think / what you heard / what you read.

I’ve seen people complain their speed is terrible and then it turns out they are on a 8 year old laptop via Wi-Fi out in the back garden expecting full speeds…

Not necessarily. My whole area had an issue before and it never got settled because no one knew about uploads. As long as Netflix worked they thought I was crazy.

Never is a long time.

But back to my point, you had first hand experience. It’s a bit different to just judge without having / trying it.


NOTHING to do with isp infrastrucure.

Certain set of chips, used in high speed cable modems, have a design issue which causes occasional but regular latency spikes to about 200ms… This is a known issue, if you care to look, lots of posts about it.

Not an issue for web browsing… not an issue for video streaming… not a huge issue for VOIP… A big issue for games like Gears…

Modems used and provided by the Gbps cable provider use that chipset. So moving to that service risks ingame latency spikes of about 200ms at regular intervals. Because of the modem itself.

Did THAT make it clearer for you?

If not, sorry, I don’t know what else I can say :wink:

I play Horde with a friend who has Gbps fiber service to his home. His ingame ping isn’t any lower than mine… so other than downloads taking longer, I don’t feel disadvantaged by my service :wink:

LOL…So ahhh what are we going to do about the topic!?

Has any of you watched “Bounen no Xamdou” before!? I wanna know if it is any good.

I’ve not read a load of rubbish like this in a long time.

Congrats :joy:

never seen it before

what is it about?

I have Comcast (except to explain this I’ll never call them Xfinity because that’s a stupid name ). I just have internet and it’s $82 a month. Calling and threatening to cancel service in order to lower the bill no longer works.

I’ve also learned not to play at all on Sunday nights because that’s when they reset their servers and roll IP addresses in my area so I won’t be able to use the internet from about 10:30pm-6am.

They have also been throttling the crap out of connections. If google fiber or any other viable provider were in my area I would jump on it asap.

1Gb to what though? the first hop, then carrier pigeons afterwards?

That same 1Gb being tricked out by the entire neighborhood vs a dedicated 50Mbps?

Bandwidth only effects latency if you’re exhausting it.

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Look at what I said as a whole, not just the fact about speed and you then giving bias to one side and crippling the other to try and prove a point that doesn’t make sense.

5 hours??? Gross.