Well.... that's not good

Just got kicked from a ranked KOTH in the 2nd round because…

Get this;

My Xbox needed to update…

And there’s no option to “update later” without getting booted offline. You HAVE to update the console right there and then. So my console just let my team down and I’m going to get a gnarly “quitting” penalty. It was only 411MBs but here in South Africa with my high-end 8Mbps connection, probably won’t finish it up in time.

I know this has nothing to do with TC but I just needed to ■■■■■ about it somewhere. Has this happened to anyone else?


Damn, only 8Mb? I often feel a lot of the UK is behind the times but sometimes you just have to appreciate what you got :see_no_evil:

And I think this has only ever happened to me once before. I’m sure it was back on UE. Having a good match and then boom! Needs to update…

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Yeah, fiber is still being laid down all over the place, just waiting for it to get installed in my neighborhood and I’ll be up at 100Mbps.

And I feel bad because we were just barely winning and now my team probably lost the 4v5 because of this :confused:

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Good to hear :+1:

And yeah, it does suck but at least it’s going to be super rare because Xbox Updates aren’t that common in recent times from my experience!

Yes mate, to me a few weeks back. Same situation.

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no,mine always tells me when i try to load the game…

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It really wouldn’t matter to be honest. I have Gigabit Fiber and these Xbox updates take freakin forever.

This is why updates should only install during startup or if you manually activate it. Forcing it during a game causes so many issues.

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i have gigabit cable and i can tell it’s not downloading to the full speed available from my network

It wouldn’t because there is a bottleneck created by Xbox Live which seems to only go as high as 230Mbps or so while downloading games and applications. I figure this is the maximum allowed for firmware updates too but I don’t even think it’s reaching 100Mbps for these because they can be extremely slow at times. While this has only happened once there was an update that downloaded about 1 megabyte per minute and I wasn’t even sure what was going on. It took forever.

He is not talking about a Gears 4 update, he is talking about a xbox system update. You can not avoid that one.

Yea I had the same issue back a couple of weeks ago. I was in a 2v2 gnasher game and if I remember right it happened almost at the end of the match. We would have won the game but then this xbox update popped up.

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I have hit 400Mb download on my Xbox One X.

Same for the Microsoft Store on Windows.

More stable on Windows than Xbox though.

That happened to us during a 5h Horde high score run, before the rise of horde update, we SCREAMED! :wink:

Re internet, where I live I only have fiber to neighborhood , which maxes out at 50Mbps by the time I get to my house. I could go higher (up to Gbps) with cable but all cable modems used have that latency spike issue, so I am sticking with fiber…

Hasn’t happened to me like that on Xbox ever. When I go to play it’ll say it needs to update.
Win 10 is annoying as hell because even if you get the pro version and mod it to not do auto updates, Win Defender scans whenever the hell it feels like it, which seems to be during the last round of a tiebreaker match, or whenever I’m leader in Guardian.

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To get Gbps, you need Fiber anyway, so to say you don’t want Fiber but you are sticking to Fiber, doesn’t really make sense :sweat_smile:

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To get Gbps service via fiber you need fiber all the way to your HOME. In my area fiber is only available to the neighborhood switch, from there to the home it’s copper twisted pair, so the max of that is 50Mbps.

I CAN get Gbps service over coax cable, from Rogers, but then there are latency issues…

So I am staying with the lower latency Fiber&copper twisted pair, at 50Mbps vs higher latency cable, at 1 Gbps…

Hope that’s clearer :wink:

Fiber & Coax > Fiber & Copper.

That’s both speed and latency.

It’s possible Rogers has terrible infrastructure which would make @Omen_LP correct. In most cases, @III_EnVii_III, you’d be correct but never underestimate the power of a poor ISP.

But yes, there’s no reason for copper to be an improvement over Coax. I’m just glad I have straight Fiber to my house.

Funny how it went from being disconnected from a game because of an update to full on what is the best internet option or speed or whatever lol

As for the OP. Yes it happened to me once. I was in the middle of a Horde round and before I could reach the fab I was kicked back to dashboard and was told the game needed an update. Has not happened ever since which is probably because I stayed tuned and update before I go into any match or horde run to avoid that situation again but if you are the middle of a game then the game should be allowed to continue and update after a match or a Horde run.

I highly doubt an entire ISP has that bad of a infrastructure whereby a superior technology suffers as a result. I just can’t buy that.

Unless OP has tested both, wild claims like that will never sit with me, I can’t see a 1Gb connection having worse latency than a basic 50Mb one …


Looking at their website and 1Gb for $85 a month?

Wow that is dirt cheap.

Plus they do mentioned gaming on their site as well and these days ISPs do market high end connections to all audiences.

I’m mostly saying in his area. It’s possible because in some areas an ISP refuses to maintain their infrastructure. I had to contact corporate to get Xfinity to fix my internet because the local office kept telling me everything was okay.

Thankfully, I no longer have Xfinity. They suck. I pay $70 for Gigabit Fiber.